Bruce King Yacht Design


Designer description Bruce King Yacht Design

Brand History

The California designer Bruce King became famous in the early 1960s, when his collaboration with Ericson Yachts, for which the designer designed models, began. His collaboration with this shipyard lasted 34 years, and some of the boats built during those years are still found at sea. In addition to production yachts, Bruce King designed large yachts and was one of the pioneers among designers who used modern technology and composite materials for construction, including classic boats.


«The appeal and value of a yacht comes mainly from two sources: firstly, the pleasure of sailing at sea and the independent life associated with it, and secondly, the visual aesthetic pleasure of the yacht's appearance," said Bruce King. - There are many stylistic approaches, but the aesthetics of design are usually based on three components: setting the basic proportions, wrapping them in curves and surfaces and the individuality of the designer».

Specialisation .

Bruce King has designed production fiberglass racing and cruising yachts and has also been commissioned to design maxi yachts in composite materials and classic wood, sailing and motor yachts.

Cooperation with shipyards

The designer has successfully collaborated with Ericson Yachts, Renaissance Yachts, Hodgdon Yachts, Royal Huisman, Abeking & Rasmussen and other shipyards.

Landmark projects

Bruce King is known for his series of successful offshore racing classic maxi yachts such as Signe, Hetairos, Alejandra, Sophie, Antonisa, Maria Cattiva, Whitefin and Scheherazade. Among the motor yachts, the most famous are Liberty and Nadan (formerly Sycara IV).

Team .

Bruce King Yacht Design Studio brought together a team of engineers and designers. One of them, for example, was Ted Roberts.