Hoek Design Naval Architects B.V.

Andre Hook
Unlike modern yachts, the design of which becomes obsolete from year to year, our boats even in 20 years will not only look chic, but they will also become more expensive.
Andre Hook

Designer description Hoek Design Naval Architects B.V.

Brand History

Fascinated by sailing since childhood, Andre Hoek graduated as a marine engineer in 1980 and spent a year in C&C studio. On his return to the Netherlands, he worked for a ship company, improving classic Dutch sailing vessels in his spare time. That was when the idea for the future Hoek Naval Architects was born. The studio opened its doors in 1986 in Edam. In the early 90's the semi-custom Truly classic 75 (later 80) was launched. The success of the line predetermined further orders, among them J-Class and F-Class yachts.

Since 2013 Hoek Naval Architects has entered the motor yacht market with the same idea: classic shapes and modern equipment.


At Hoek Naval Architects we believe that combining modern technology with the aesthetics of classic yachts guarantees the best results. Elegant sailboats from Hoek are fast, comfortable and technologically advanced.

Specialization .

Hoek Naval Architects not only designs chic classic wooden, composite and aluminium sailing superyachts, but also refits existing yachts. In addition, the studio is ready to offer a number of modern Mediterranean-type yacht designs. The portfolio also includes motor superyacht and boat designs in classic styles.

Cooperation with shipyards

Hook works with Dutch shipyards of the highest reputation: Holland Jachtbouw, Vitters Shipyard, Claasen Shipyards, Dutch Built Yachts, Leonardo Yachts, Essence Yachts. The projects of the studio were also built at British Pendennis Shipyard, Finnish Baltic and other famous shipyards.

Landmark projects

The studio's portfolio includes over 300 designs of Dutch boats, almost 150 classics from 30 to 220 feet and, of course, many awards. Among the iconic ones is katch. Adele .winner of the 2006 superyacht title, cache. Athos- at the time of launch, the largest aluminum yacht. Worth mentioning are the award-winning replicas of Lionheart, Topaz and their younger sister F-Class Firefly, as well as Vijonara, who became «a 2019 superyacht.


In 1999, Ruurt Meulemans became Andre Huka's partner. In total the company employs over 10 designers and other specialists.