David Easton

David Easton, Studio founder
Most of my work is in the neoclassical style, but I am no stranger to the present and modern trends in design.
David Easton
Studio founder

Designer description David Easton

The history of the brand

David Easton received his degree in architecture from the Pratt Institute in 1963, where he studied with Sibyl Moholy-Nagy, the widow of one of the founders of constructivism and a teacher at the Bauhaus School, László Moholy-Nagy. Easton's professional career began with work for Edward Wormley, who designed furniture for Dunbar. Then he moved to Parish-Hadley.

The master founded his own company in 1972 and quickly gained recognition, becoming one of the most sought-after designers in the world. Along with real estate, he carried out several projects for the maritime sector, and in 1992 he was enrolled in the Hall of Fame of interior design.


David has a passion for neoclassical style that is easy to customize and can create any design he wants, and he is constantly looking for fresh ideas that translate into new projects.


The team of the studio creates interiors for residential and commercial real estate. In the yachting industry the company cannot yet boast an impressive portfolio.

Cooperation with shipyards

The studio has been involved in the development of motor and sailing superyachts for American Trident, Dutch Feadship and Vitters.

Landmark projects

Launched in 1990, the 63-metre Virginian was the first private boat with four full decks. The classic Marie cache holds a rich collection of artwork, while the salon lined «up around» a magnificent black Baby Grand Steinway grand piano.

Team .

To ensure high quality of work and necessary attention to each project, David gathered a small team of narrow specialists in American Sareville.

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