Exequiel Cano Lanza


Designer description Exequiel Cano Lanza

The history of the brand

Exequiel Cano Lanza started his career very successfully. In 1995, after graduating from university, he took up a position as a naval architect at a shipyard with 120 years of history at Couach Shipyard. In 2003 he founded Cano Lanza Yacht Design, which quickly gained fame first in France and then around the world. Subsequently the firm expanded to the CLYD Group and in 2008 the ECLA shipyard joined.


Attention to detail, respect for the customer's wishes, high quality and love of its work are the basis of the company's success and are its main principles.


The studio is engaged in design and naval architecture, refitting, provides services in support of projects. The shipyard's portfolio includes a wide variety of boats, including classic runabouts, central console boats, models for fishing, caddy cabins and semi-custom superyachts.

Cooperation with shipyards

Today the studio continues to work with Couach and develops all the boats produced for the shipyard. The design and architecture of the sister ECLA models is also owned by the company.

Landmark projects

Cano Lanza Yacht Design participated in the development of the flagship model Couach 5000. The first hull was launched in 2012 and was named La Pellegrina. The boat is capable of speeds up to 30 knots and in cruising mode the range exceeds 3000 nautical miles.

Team .

The studio office is located in Bordeaux. Cano Lanza's team consists of experienced professionals with extensive experience in the shipbuilding industry.