Seven wonders of summer
Yachting in Russia

Seven wonders of summer

Review of the main yacht clubs of Moscow

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By the beginning of the new summer season we have prepared an overview of the main yacht clubs in the capital. It is indicative that there were exactly seven of them.


10 km from the centre | 190 parking spots

The king of Russian yacht clubs has been working for the third season, and each time he amazes his clients with excellent service and rich club life. This year RYC offers its clients special conditions for yacht berthing. In the coming days the opening of the new Italian restaurant Tribune will take place here, and throughout the season traditional social events such as the Yacht Festival, Summer Fair of millionaires, music concerts on the water and autumn Moscow Yacht Show will take place. The club's infrastructure is also growing - soon it will have its own gas station and sailing school for adults. The fact that the club is within the city limits is another important argument in its favor.

29 km from the centre | 100 parking spaces

It is located on the left bank of the Pirogov branch of the Klyazma reservoir. An excellent example of a private club, built by the owners for themselves, and thus became a success. Not a single compromise on quality to reduce cost estimates here. To create the right atmosphere, the design of the club involved professional feng shui consultants. The hallmark of «Halsa» is the delightful view of the reservoir from the summer terrace of the restaurant, which is located on a high coastal slope.

In addition to the chic views and quality restaurant, members and guests of the club have at their disposal a helicopter pad, a cabin with billiards, a beach and other opportunities for recreation. Due to the fact that the club is located near the Moscow water intake, here the cleanest water in our region. Several private cottages are being built on the territory of the club, and when they are ready, they will undoubtedly become one of the most desirable properties in the water area.


29 km from the centre | 100 parking spaces.

It was once the first yacht club in Moscow (in all senses), but since then 10 years have passed and the former glory of "Burevestnik" has faded in recent years. The scandalous arrest of its founder Andrey Boyko in September last year did not add to the club's popularity. Nevertheless, the infrastructure of the marina remains at a quite decent level. The well-appointed harbours have the necessary navigational environment. Modern berthing facilities are supplied with water and electricity. The club has a 100-tonne self-propelled crane for lifting and launching boats. There is a heliport, boat maintenance, Volvo Penta, Mercruiser, MAN service workshops, summer offices of companies selling boats, yachts, aqua bikes, accessories, spare parts and yacht clothing.


45 km from the centre | 100 parking spaces

When you combine a golf club with a yacht club, you risk people settling in with you forever. The creators «of Pestovo» are the best at combining two right hobbies for men in one place. The magnificent 18-hole championship course with a length of 6487 meters was created by architects Paul and Dave Thomas with a scope for professional players, but also for beginner golfers it can bring pleasure to a serious game. For those who are just beginning their steps towards the green, there is a world-class golf academy. In the evening after the game you can have a great time in the restaurant of the Yacht Club, which is located in a stylish landing stage, built of light shades of wood with wide panoramic glazing. You'll want to go out on the water - and here it is, Pestov reservoir, from where you can pass through the sluices to the Moscow Sea in a matter of hours. And to settle down, when such desire becomes insurmountable, it is possible in apartments that are completed accurately in the middle between a golf course and a mooring.


40 km from the centre | 40 parking spaces

It is worth visiting this place at least once to want to stay forever and not go anywhere else. Everything necessary for life is available - in addition to the marina on 100 ha there is a 9-hole golf course, an equestrian sports club, two restaurants, tennis courts and even a mini farm. It is stated that investments into the infrastructure of the club amounted to $37 million - and when you see the territory with your own eyes, you realize that this money was not wasted. There is simply no more harmonious, stylish and bright place in Moscow, and there are few yacht clubs in the world that can compete with «Pirogovo». The club was designed by a whole pleiad of modern architects - for example, Russians Evgeny Ass and Totan Kuzembaev, Dutchman Eric van Egeraat.

The water in the club is as thoughtful as the land. The degree of attention to detail is so impressive that even such prosaic elements as service speakers and mooring ducks on the dock are made in the form of art installations. «Pyrogovo» is known as a centre for the development of sailing. The club has two sailing schools - for children and adults, almost every weekend there are regattas, including national and international level. Thanks to the members of the club the revival of the noble class «Dragon»started in Russia, which was a part of the Olympic Games program till 1977. Now the Pie «Dragonists» steadily get into prizes at prestigious world regattas in this class.


20 km from the center | 110 parking spaces

This small but very cozy club turned out to be such thanks to the personal control of its owner, businessman and artist Emin Agalarov. In the water area, despite its relatively small size, there is a good choice of places for active single person - for example, Rublevsky Beach, Silver Bor or Strogino with its expanse for windsurfing and wakeboarding. If the girls suddenly have an irresistible craving for shopping, the Crocus City Mall is within walking distance. The restaurant Shore House, which stands right at the pier, deserved the title of one of the best projects in the constellation of Arkady Novikov. And after passing only one lock, you can find yourself on your boat in the central pool of the Moscow channel and walk past the Kremlin at least all night long. It is no wonder that this water area - and at the same time its flagship yacht club - is gaining in popularity.


25 km from the centre | 120 parking spaces

Unlike all other yachting «places of strength», this club does not appear in the social chronicle and is not a favorite place for fashionable parties and presentations. The MRP Yacht Club has another, no less important specialization: it is undoubtedly the best technical marina in our region. On the territory of the former Khlebnikov Shipyard, in addition to the berths for yachts, there are offices and hangars of 20 different independent service companies, a large self-propelled crane for lifting and launching ships with a capacity of 160 tons, shops selling consumables, accessories and spare parts, as well as a filling station on the water. In general, everything necessary to ensure that the love for the boat is not broken about operational life - in Russia, as is known, it is often meaningless and ruthless. There are all the amenities for the owners of the yachts: club salon, cozy cafe with summer veranda, green zone and playground for children.

Published in YACHTS magazine #32.

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