Everybody to the bazaar!
Yachting in Russia

Everybody to the bazaar!

The yacht and boat fair will be held at Country Park.

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In late June, the water area of the business complex "Country Park" will be a very interesting event for lovers of water recreation, yachtsmen and sympathizers. "Water Bazaar" - Russian fair of secondary sales of yachts and boats - differs from other Russian boat shows in that it allows owners to exhibit their boats for sale. Another big plus is that the boat you like can be tested right on the spot: owners have the opportunity to show the goods face to face, during a test drive on the water.

The fair is held by the yacht club "Country Park Club" and the magazine "Water Bazaar" since 2010, and last season it has already earned good reviews among the capital "water world". This year the fair will be held from June 24 to 26, in the "Country Park Club" club on the shore of the Butakovsky Bay of Khimki reservoir.

Besides the strictly business "boat" part, the organizers promise a large exposition of yacht accessories, clothes and souvenirs, as well as a large entertainment program in the evenings. The guests of the fair, who arrived "by their own transport", will be provided with the main and guest piers of the club.

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