Rybinsk water reservoir
Yachting in Russia

Rybinsk water reservoir

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Having passed by picturesque reservoirs near Moscow, past national park Zavidova in Ivankovskoye reservoir, past ancient towns in Uglichskoye reservoir, at last we get to boundless expanses of Rybinskoye reservoir, the largest man-made reservoir of the middle strip of Russia.

After the reservoir was created, Rybinsk got an exit to five seas. Volga waters flooded near Cherepovets spilled over tens of kilometers, forming a real freshwater sea.

On this route you will not only enjoy the charm of wonderful nature, amazing water spaces and crystal clear forest air, but also will be able to appreciate a truly diverse fishing, because the reservoir has more than 40 species of Volga fish.

Not far from the village of Breitovo is one of the best yachting resorts in Central Russia - with an excellent hotel, restaurant, yacht club, professional hunting base and many other options for lovers of active recreation.

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