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10 people setting the sailing agenda in St. Petersburg

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Today with this article we start the cycle of publications devoted to our contemporaries who form the "face" of domestic yachting. Many of them have already become legends during their lifetime, and some of them only give hope to see their glorious future. And we will start with the city which historically became the ancestor of navigation in Russia - St. Petersburg.

Vladimir Loginov. Patriarch

Vladimir Ilyich - this name alone already sounds serious to our ear.

But he also has a Nobel Prize, even if it's not quite what you think!

During the half-life of the state, perhaps it was Vladimir Ilyich who largely kept St. Petersburg's sails from final collapse, holding at his own expense the Baltic regatta and a number of other major competitions (including the first world championship in the history of St. Petersburg). And how did it all begin?

«The day I sailed, I remembered for life. It was September 14, 1959. We lived on Karpovka, near the Mozhaisk Academy. We built a raft with the boys, launched them. It immediately began to fall apart. I was only 6 years old, I couldn't really swim. The log that I saddled, carried to Petrovskaya spit, and there I was picked up by yachtsmen from the Central Club. Ivan Ivanov, the director of that time (his name was "Falschil") sheltered me, heated me up. That's how I came to sail».

It's been half a century since then. But the St. Petersburg patriarch of sails is still vigorous and energetic, developing more and more new projects. Today it's an Internet TV channel.Sync by honeybunny (by the way, we recommend watching). And the creation of a new yacht club at a time when they were almost closed in packs in the city is also a great achievement.

Daniel Gavrilov. Polyarnik

A sailing polar explorer and a yachtsman pioneer. A man who was the first to pass the Russian North Sea Route and the North-West Passage (USA-Canada) in one navigation, thus setting a world record. Almost by a miracle, the yacht Peter I under his leadership was ahead of the Norwegian trimaran on the same route by only a few days. Last year, Daniel and his friends and associates established and conducted the world's highest-latitude Adventure race 80 degrees: from Archangelsk to Franz Josef Land.

Go under sails up to 81° 35' N. - is not to go to the forts.

And with all this Daniel is very young - he set a record at the age of 25. One can only imagine what he has yet to do.

« I don't just want to swim - I want to combine swimming with some social activities. Next year we will look for the sunken steam yacht "Eyre" of Benjamin Lee Smith, which was crushed by the ice at Cape Flora (Franz Joseph Land) in 1881. And in 2014 I dream to organize and conduct a race around the North Pole»- well, Daniel's plans are quite modest ...

Alexei Rusetsky. Businessman .

One of the founders (paired with his brother) of the company. «Fordewind Regatta»known to every yachtsman in the Northwest (and not only). The sail - in his own words - came quite casually after his brother Alexander. He became a member of LKI Yacht Club, and Alexey wondered what he was doing there. So he got caught up in it. In 1991, the brothers created the «Fordewind»Regatta, but for very different purposes.

Initially it was supposed to export to Finland sails sewn in St. Petersburg - and, I must say, at the beginning it worked.

«The understanding that one should work in the opposite direction came after one of the exhibitions at the then BMP Yacht Club. It became clear that import of yachting equipment to Russia could be a success. It came - first of all, because we are 5-7 years earlier than other importers realized the need to work directly with the manufacturer, not through Finnish (or some other) intermediaries. Today the main thing in business is thorough organization and clear understanding of the situation».

Viktor Los and Oleg Chugunov...

These people are known as the creators of the Sailboat Club, perhaps the largest sailing school in Northwest Russia today. It has more than 80 children (not counting adults) and four coaches (three for classic yachts and dinghies and one for windsurfing). The club has almost 40 Optimists, more than one and a half dozen Rays, four Laser SB 3, other boats.

Oleg Chugunov. Coach
The whole idea was initiated by a St. Petersburg businessman Viktor Moose. Having met in 2006 with Oleg Chugunov, the senior coach of SHVSM, he expressed to him the idea which in a couple of years led to the official creation of the Sailboat. The club is slowly becoming something more than just a sailing school or a regatta organizer - seminars for coaches are already starting to be held there.

The club has the only simulator available for practicing the skills of driving a dinghy - in general, the only one in Russia.

«Our goal is very simple, first of all, to develop yachting in St. Petersburg. And not fashionable, if I may say so, not cruises with cognac and champagne, but sports orientation - races and regattas of various levels, and organized so that "entering" the sail would be both interesting and attractive, and relatively easy even for neophytes».

Victor Moose. Creator .
It was difficult for the organizers of the new club to reconvene coaches - many of them threw their sails, went into business. Not everybody was ready to change the established life with such difficulty.

Few people believed in the idea of not the most famous businessman, but Viktor was serious, having spent more than 30 million rubles on the club and the purchase of the mattress.

That's how he managed to convince people by creating the core of the Sailboat. And with almost no material return. «There are things in life where you can't look for profit. They don't look for it in the family, do they»? That's how he argued his altruism in creating the Sailboat. These words, I think, well illustrate his attitude to his brainchild. «I see a club in the future not commercial, but some social organization that unites a group of like-minded people in which we jointly develop and approve the curriculum, programs, training systems. The amount of the monthly tuition fee was consciously chosen from such a calculation that it was within the power of an ordinary St. Petersburg family. This is a public social program. The program for all».

Unfortunately, last year Viktor was seriously injured in a sports plane crash and is now undergoing serious treatment. ItBoat wishes the creator of the Sailboat a speedy recovery!

Sergei Konovalov. Master

Sergey is well known, perhaps, to any yachtsman who wants to dress» his boat well«. Having inherited from his father - a famous Soviet craftsman - his experience in sewing sails, he created his own workshop.

In fact, the brand of «Parusa Konovalova» today is almost 50 years old.

Although it started as a funny mishap. Father brought Sergey as an apprentice to his rival Vladislav Prokhorov from the Central Yacht Club. This master had one peculiarity - he liked to talk. Not just to talk, but VERY. As a result, the work of sailing workshops of the Central Yacht Club for several months stood up - a wise mentor began to train his apprentice (and - with his name), starting almost «with the Qumran manuscripts».

« I listened to him, opening my mouth, and I had only one question at that time: why and how any sailing life exists outside its leader - far away and beyond Prokhorov. It was a very active nature. His sphere of interest was wide: from improving the tram to improving the world on a planetary scale. Anyway, I didn't miss him. Of course, it is completely unnecessary to say that there was no area of human activity, he was not aware of it. Or a craft that he wouldn't own. Any work was on his shoulders! And his main tool, the sewing machine, was masterly».

What about today? Today Sergey produces piece sails (cruise and racing) by D4 technology - perhaps, the most advanced for today, and his workshop is one of the most well-equipped, and not only in Russia. Having achieved everything himself, Sergey has no illusions about supporting small business in our country: «any high-ranking official with his heartfelt recitative does not cause anything but a curve of smirk in the population, understands everything that talk about supporting entrepreneurship is demagoguery, however, like all other speeches about the wonderful transformations in our lives».

Artem Basalkin. Olympic hope

Artem is a very visible person in the sails of St. Petersburg: he has been a member of the national team for eight years now (now in class 49er). Repeated champion of the city and country, he was European champion and bronze medalist at the World Championship (all junior).

The way of Artem (and his older sister Anna) to the sail was the same - all the first steps for them and for them his father made. In a small, newly built Ukrainian town Yuzhnyi (ammonia plant and port), he found the issue of the magazine "Boats and Yachts" with drawings of windsurfer and patterns of sails. He made the first shell, his wife sewed a sail. Later, with the help of the port management, he achieved the creation of a children's sailing school - right in the boiler house of a regular, general education school. That's how the dinghies were worn - from the boiler room to the water. And today this club is located in the same place.

«Base and school are very important for an athlete. For anyone. Of course, for me and Anya everything - in the sense of entering the sail - was done by my father. And then his club. The club became strong, even members of the Ukrainian national team trained with us and one of the then European champions. That's where my first success came to me - second place in the Ukrainian championship in the Optimist class. Look, all over the world like this: almost anyone who achieved something in professional sailing, was sure to be the leader already at the Optimist. That's how I did it.

And now I want to be a professional yachtsman. And I will seriously fight for selection for this and the next Olympics - it's at least".

Vladislav Akimenko. Tutor

Today Vladislav Ivanovich is not a «person from the party». Rather, he is an employee for the future, of those who talk a little, but try to do something. Silver medalist (together with Valentin Mankin) of the Canadian Olympics in the Tempest class (1976), world and European champion in the same class, he, as the head of the Department of Theory and Methods of Sailing at the P.F. Lesgaft National State University of Physical Culture, Sports and Health, is training future coaches, striving to restore the broken link of times, to compensate for 20 lost years of development of the national sailing sport, including the sport of higher achievements. And here he reacts painfully to the lack, in his opinion, of a clear strategy for the development of Olympic sailing in Russia.

«The only way out of this situation can be the creation of the "Federal Reserve Training Center", where consolidated efforts will accumulate funds, promising athletes, the latest developments in sports science in the training of athletes of higher qualification. Finally, it will provide an opportunity to experiment and find new ways to improve athletic performance without involving the first numbers of the national team until the effectiveness of the proposed methods is proved.

And I am even ready to sell my Olympic silver medal to prepare a crew capable of taking the Olympic award!

Natalya Fedorova. Organizer

Until recently Natasha was one of the SPSU leaders and she is the organizer and promoter of the international White Nights sailing regatta «- the Palace of Congresses Cup», which has, by the way, the first (i.e. the highest) ISAF grade. The Match-Rail format regatta today is one of the qualifying stages for the Match-Rails World Cup - not just that! However, this year it slightly changes the format and status - it reduces the grade to the second one. Why?

The answer is simple: the second grade will allow inviting more Russian athletes to the regatta, today the official level of the regatta sets too high a bar before them. Not all of them have a good enough ISAF rating to be able to get to it.

«She sailed in 1997. It was funny - I wanted to build a stable, and bought a yacht. With the owner of the territory did not agree on a place, she was upset. Immediately my colleagues showed the yacht from afar. I saw the spinnaker and realized that "this" must be mine. And the very next day, she bought this boat (Arizona). But she tried to combine the sail with the horses until last year when she made her final choice for the sail.

The finish of the Volvo Race was a failure? You know, there was a choice: to sail it the way it was - or not to sail it at all.

The question of moving it to Stockholm was almost a question of the last few days, because even though we received some funding only a month before the event. That's why it came out so tight. But I still think that the finish line has turned out. Even if it was the first pancake».

However, the editors of itBoat have a slightly different opinion on this issue. The event, which could have been remembered by the residents of the city for a long time, was more than sluggish. Liquid fireworks, dead fakes, and the gift of a cheap car navigator to the winner of the regatta does not fit into any gates!

Boris Lashkov. SB3 Motor

In the motor-yachting world of St. Petersburg Boris is known even more than in sailing - his company Nord Star is a dealer of Princess and Nimbus in the North-West and distributor of Bayliner throughout Russia.

However, his sailing activity is also very visible. In his youth Boris raced the «Tornado», took first places in the city and even was among the top 10 in the USSR. Today he represents Moody's cruise sailing boats in the country, and is also the main driving force in the dynamically growing association of Laser SB3 class, in the fact that in this class now suddenly found the real life, most of the credit - Boris. The fleet has grown by a dozen units since last year, and the coming season threatens to be a serious competition «for the single calibre»« Emka».

Boris attracts his «motor» clients to sail with his usual vigor and straightforwardness. «I just come and say, "You buy a boat [SB3] and we»'ll sort it out there.

Oleg Zherebtsov. Master of considerable forms.

Oleg Zherebtsov became famous a few years ago when he created Team Russia and the boat "Kasatka" to participate in the Volvo Ocean Race 2008/09 round-the-world sailing race. He was known in the business community as the creator and owner of the largest retail chain "Lenta" at the time, which was sold last year. Now Oleg is engaged in family, high-tech pharmaceutical production and races small sailing boats for his pleasure.

His focus is now on the development of the Laser SB3 class, of which he is president. However, the character does not allow him to be satisfied with just a chair - just recently it became known that the crew of his boat Team Russia took "gold" at the 1st Laser SB3 Championship of the Russian Asoociation held on March 10-11 in Portuguese city Cascais. The team also successfully competes at the Laser SB3 World Sailing Cup, winning the first three stages of the Cup and leading the overall standings.

By the way, the transition from porous VOR boats to Lasers passed through the 12-meter class and was, we can say, predetermined - last year Oleg Zherebtsov as part of the international crew won the World Championships in Flensburg (Germany). And in his interview after the winning finish, he confessed:

"Plans for next year: win the World Championships in the SB3 Laser class and the World Championships in the 12 meter class".

Well, dreams come true: as they say, the kid said - the kid did!

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