Not appreciated.

Not appreciated.

The stubborn yachtsman Juan Carlos did an act worthy of a king. Not everyone understands.


Spanish monarch Juan Carlos last week, he announced with pomp that he was giving up Fortuna, a yacht that sends the Spanish budget a penny a year. For reference: filling up the yacht costs about 20 thousand euros, and its maintenance costs 10% of its cost, that is from 21 million euros. The yacht has been transferred to the National Heritage Fund as a sign of solidarity with the difficult state of the country's economy.

It would seem a beautiful gesture has been made, the story is over. But no - a group of businessmen from the Balearic Islands, who gave the king a yacht 13 years ago and paid for it out of his pocket, did not understand the good intentions of the monarch and demanded« Fortune» back with the wording «we gave it to the king, if he does not use, let him return».

Which, on the one hand, is not nice - gifts are not taken back, on the other hand, gifts are not handed over!

Although all this is not important, the state fund, in whose caring hands the boat got, replied that they have not yet received claims from the grief-grants, but in any case, the fate of the boat is not up to them, and the state.

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