From afar, for a long time. Bot show on the Volga.
Yachting in Russia

From afar, for a long time. Bot show on the Volga.

Yacht Festival in Togliatti
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We have much in common with Zhiguli. Cars, the Zhiguli Mountains, the Zhiguli Beer, the Zhiguli Sea. Here on the shore of the latter in the yacht club with the simple name «Friendship» and took place the event with the long name «International exhibition of yachts and boats Volga Boat Show 2014».

The action on the banks of the Volga River suddenly became a real holiday. Despite the remoteness from the city and the lack of public transport, the pier with moored boats and yachts and the coastal exposition was filled with visitors who sometimes came to the exhibition with whole families.

On the first day a «wild» berth along the sides of the yacht club was surprised by the abundance of parked Porsche boats.

I counted a dozen and a half cars from the banal Cayenne to the legendary «nine-one-one-one». It turned out that as part of the Volga Boat Show there was a presentation of the Porsche 911 Targa with all the appropriate components for such an event: live music, champagne, models in lingerie with coats over their shoulders and a scatter of cars of the famous brand, including the newest crossover Porsche Macan.

Actually, the exposition of different caliber boats, boats and all around them was located in three zones. Boats from the 4.55-meter fiberglass sailing dinghy «Belukha» with a cabin, sailing arms, aluminum mast with a patent type and paddles for 215 thousand rubles to the famous hybrid Greenline 33, which in Russia has so far found only two buyers, and 15-meter steel Wim Vander Valk Continental I for many millions.

Of the steel yachts on display at the Volga Boat Show 2014, Linssen 33.9 came from Samara under the control of a colourful captain, together with the sluice in 5 hours.

It is a wonderful vessel for a leisurely holiday on the water. And the special order Pedro Levanto 44 from Russia with wheelhouse, which has been unsuccessfully sold for four years since its launch.

Those who are not satisfied with leisure time could enjoy a test drive of the latest aluminum Yamarin 75 Bow Rider. By the way, the flagship of the yard in the segment of metal boats. «SKIF» company brought to Togliatti boats made of unique plywood technology. There was also a gliding cabin «Stalker-22» for an unbelievable price of 42 700 c.u. and a displacement «Scythus-21» with a cabin and a latrine, built in the concept of the famous Dutch Sloep, but, for some reason, standing at the shipyard almost like famous brothers from the Netherlands. The first in the company's history fiberglass two-piece motorboat «Sarmat-485» for 287 thousand roubles was» also in Scythian exposition«. Exactly the same one was standing on the shore.

On the ground, apart from a large pavilion with standard stands for all exhibitions, rows of boats stood, among which there were many for the Russian market of novelties.

The Volga Region residents could see for the first time the magnificent Chris Craft Capri 21, its style returning the shipyard to its origins and the legendary «Chris-Craft of the» 50s.

Ideal for our weather conditions Bella 700 Patrol with a wheelhouse saloon, a bunch of lockers, lockers, wonderful Finnish quality and price at the level of native «Stalker-22». Extravagant aluminum bowrider Vortex 570 with blunted stem from the Samara company «Barcade»...

I must say that domestic companies took quite an active part in the exhibition. In addition to those mentioned above, there were «Volzhanks» with a proud trademark, indistinguishable from Bentley, and a variety of practical aluminum «salutes», and «inflatables» like «Mnev».

Technique, and the show was to take place, so the yacht «club Friendship» had absolutely everything for the entertainment of the audience who came to the Volga Boat Show.

Regatta on «Optimists» and «Lasers», beautiful models sitting on the hoods of the new KIA Quoris, reels for all comers on different boats, aerobatics figures and flights at the minimum height above the pier of light aircraft, flights on a flying water backpack alone and with a girl buckled up. Even one wedding with a bride in a dress with a hem on the width of the pier has arrived. And from the speakers constantly poured the anthem of the exhibition «Volga Bot Show, Volga Bot Show»... . This show must be repeated and continued!

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