Three times the best.
Yachting in Russia

Three times the best.

This year was rich in yachting awards. The outcome of the events has shown that no matter how fractious the organisers are, the yachting community is in fact more cohesive than it seems.
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November in Russian sailing is traditionally a month of summing up. November 2017 turned out to be especially rich in various awards: every week of the month someone was congratulated, someone was given something and something was celebrated. First, PROyachting, organized by the Olympic champion Ekaterina Skudina, presented prizes and gifts to «People of the Year». Then «Yachtsmen of the Year were» honored by the All-Russian Sailing Federation (VFSF). Finally, on November 30 another Yachtsman of the Year»award «took place, but already in Yacht Russia magazine version.

In each case, the winners were chosen in different ways. In PROyachting, all decisions were made by the management of the company; «Yachtsman of the Year» and «Yachtswoman of the Year» from the WFTU were elected by a vote of all Federation members. In Yacht Russia anybody could nominate for an award, but the winners were chosen by the jury.

In spite of these differences, all three awards came together in the main one. Igor Rytov and his team Bogatyr, who won the Rolex Middle Sea Race, were awarded everywhere. All three awards were given to» Pavel Kuznetsov's «Tavatouille team, which won the 2017 world champion in Melges 32 class.

Thus, Igor Rytov became a two-time «Yachtsman of the Year»and Bogatyr - a «team of the year». «Tawatui» is twice «Team of the Year» and, strange as it may sound, «Man of the Year».

The main difference concerns the nomination of «Yachtsman of the Year»: members of the WFTU voted for Stephanie Eelfutina (she became «Yachtsman of the Year for the» second time in a row), and the Yacht Russia jury chose Irina Gracheva, who together with her Swedish partner set the record for the crossing of Bermuda-Plymouth in the crew of two. However, Yelfutina was included in the short list of the magazine.

The title of the best event organizer was awarded to Peter Lezhnin, who is the ideologist of the Yachting Rus Cup, a democratic sailing competition for Russian-speaking yachtsmen. The VFSF has predictably noted the Yacht Club of St. Petersburg in this nomination.

The best coach and judge of the year WFSF did not celebrate, although before these nominations were included in the set of obligatory for the «Yachtsman of the Year awards». Yacht Russia was named the Coach of the Year by Anatoly Parfenenko, who raised Vodnik»club «near Moscow to a new level. Vadim Pribylov became the Judge of the Year, who has been judging regattas at all levels for 60 years and is the mentor of most Russian sailing judges.

A few more nominations, saved by Yacht Russia, but removed by the WFTU. «For contribution to development of sailing» - Georgy Shaiduko. «For his loyalty to sailing» - Alexey Khlebushkin. The best coverage of sailing events - Elena Otekina.

Instead, the WFTU added several special categories for its own major projects. The prize The «Most Mass Regatta of Russia was» established especially for the «Gelendzhik Regatta», and «the League» team - for the winners of the National Sailing League.

Yacht Russia, however, too, did not do without special awards, however, quite a different kind. The award «Breakthrough of the year» has been handed over to the head of administration of Petrogradsky area of St.-Petersburg Alexander Gromov who has stopped demolition of a building of yacht-club «Krestovsky island» and insisted on its transfer on city balance. The prize «Project of the Decade» was awarded to Alexander Ezhkov, the creator of M-Ka»class«, who is celebrating his 10th birthday this year (and to whom the latest issue of Yacht Russia magazine is dedicated).

Now that the official events are over, the nominees and laureates can finally put their tuxedos and evening dresses in their closets and start making plans for the new season. Since we now have so many awards, we need more victories to celebrate.

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