We're gonna be a Swede.
Yachting in Russia

We're gonna be a Swede.

The Baltic Yacht Week was held in St. Petersburg - a grand celebration dedicated to sails, which authorities intend to make the largest in Europe.
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A large-scale sailing event - Baltic Yacht Week - took place in St. Petersburg. The event took place for the second time and this year was dedicated to the 300th anniversary of sailing in Russia. In 1718 Peter the Great founded the first yacht club in the world. «Nevsky Navy».

In full compliance with the concept of the Baltic Yacht Week-2018 the local authorities decided to revive one of the traditions of the Imperial Russia and to hold the so called ship review.

Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg Sergey Movchan went to the water area of the Neva River on a sailing boat to welcome more than 30 ships from 6 to 30 meters participating in the parade. In an interview with the TV channel. «Saint Petersburg» The Lieutenant Governor remembered his first not-so-good sailing experience when he was thrown overboard by a geek. Fortunately, there was no self-harm: only the glasses were affected.

«And then I realized it wasn't really my sport. It's hard work. It's romance, yes, wind, sunshine, sails, but it's also bloody blisters on your hands. It's also physical training and patience for deprivation. It's a very good school of life».

Chairman of St. Petersburg Tourism Committee Yevgeny Pankevich also participated in the parade - here he is on a motor yacht, in the middle, in a white shirt:

The Tourism Committee is one of the organizers of the Baltic Yacht Week. Under the patronage of the committee several round tables devoted to the development of yacht tourism and children's sailing sport in the region were held during the week.

«We are preparing a big concept of yachting development. It is a big treatise, which will describe the financial model, infrastructure and so on. We will fully present the concept by the end of the year»," Pankiewicz promised.
Publication from Vally (@vally.rus)

The tourism committee also has ambitious plans for the Baltic Yacht Week: the event is planned to be the largest sailing holiday in Europe.

This year'»s programme «is really rich. The main action took place in front of the beach of the Petropalovsky Fortress, where leading Russian kiteboarders and windsurfers performed. Among them was Elena Kalinina, silver medalist of the World Championship in kiteboarding. Here she is on the photo:

Excellent frame from the demonstration of windsurfers at Petropavlovka:

In the Green Zone of the Peter and Paul Fortress opened a street photo «exhibition St. Petersburg - the sailing capital of Russia».

Edition from Baltic Yacht Week (@balticsailingweek)

And this year the Baltic Sailing Week was timed to coincide with one of the stages of the largest all-Russian regatta under the patronage of the National Sailing League. According to the results of the regatta the first place was won by Maxim Taranov's Calipso team, the second place went to Vadim Yakhinson's Leviathan team, the third place went to the owners of the water area - the team of St. Petersburg Yacht Club Sailing Academy with Anna Basalkina on the wheel.

Publication from Yulia (@yuyuya78)

A lot of interesting things for retro fans. For example, the race on the captain's sailing rowing geeks:

Steam retro boat and schooner «Hope»...where everyone could come aboard:

The Baltic Yacht Week has ended with a light show on the water «Ballet of sails». This beautifully illuminated yacht on the «Ballet of Sails» is the Marseille schooner «Lady L», a replica of an 18th century vessel. Like «Hope», it was open to the public.

Some more beautiful footage and video from «Ballet sails».

The final chord of the Baltic Sailing Week 2018 - fireworks.

Publication by Ilya Yufa (@ilya.yufa)

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