How do you miss yachting from the comfort of your own home?

How do you miss yachting from the comfort of your own home?

What to read and see the yachtsman on self-insulation. And not only that.
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The president of Russia Vladimir Putin on April 2 has prolonged the period of non-working days till the end of April. Regions, in the name of fighting the Coronavirus pandemic, one after another are introducing a regime of general self-isolation and tightening it. Yes, sailing, to the grief of all yachtsmen, now it will not be possible not only abroad, but even at the reservoir nearest to home. But that's no reason to be discouraged!

Locked in four walls, people are divided into two categories: some relaxed rest, others try not to lose productivity. ItBoat collected ideas, as both of them, you can at least a little bit to relieve the longing for sails, wind and waves.

Collect a virtual puzzle with a beautiful megayacht

All over the world, not only children but also adults are passionate about collecting puzzles. Puzzles train memory, sharpen attention and at the same time relax and soothe like any other meditative activity. Ideal to relieve anxiety when the whole world is frozen in wait and uncertainty.

For lovers of big boats, Oceanco Shipyard in Holland has released 6 virtual puzzles with their motor projects (and with the Black Pearl sailing). Pictures are broken into 100-200 pieces. It takes 10-20 minutes to collect one photo.

Color the yacht

Those closer to art therapy can find a coloring network of boats ranging from paper boats to the Titanic, from a scooter to a 162m Dubai yacht by UAE Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum.

Once a week, admirers of German megayachts at Lürssen should check out the shipyard's social networking pages. During April and Tuesday, coloring appears there. Authors of the brightest variants can even receive pleasant prizes from the company.

All you have to do is open a picture like this in Photoshop or Paint. Those who have a printer and coloured pencils or paints in their house can print the image and paint it in the old fashioned way, relaxing from gadgets.

Watch a movie with ships and sea adventures.

Based on real events.

  1. «Wind»/ Wind (1992) - In 1983, for the «first» time in 132 years, it was not the Americans who won the American Cup, but the Australians. Now the crew of Will Parker (Matthew Modine) will try to win the award.
  2. «White Squall»/ White Squall (1995) - The creator of Alien «and» Blade Ridley«Scott» brought to the screen the events of 1960, when the training brigantine Albatross «falls into the fiercest storm while sailing» around the world.
  3. «The Mercy of the Century»Race /The Mercy (2018) is the tragic story of English yachtsman Donald Crowhurst, who went missing in the Atlantic Ocean during the 1968 Golden Globe solo round-the-world non-stop regatta. Starring Colin Firth.
  4. «In the Heart of»the Sea (2015) is the story of the crash and survival of the crew of the American whaling vessel Essex in 1820«,» which inspired Herman Melville to create Moby Dick.
  5. «Wave conquerors»/Chasing Mavericks (2012) - do you enjoy not only yachting but also surfing? Then a biography film about the American surfer Jay Moriarty, who rides a 25-meter wave - for you!

Kinoadaptation .

  1. «Hope does not fade away /All»Is Lost (2013) - Directed by J.C. Chandor honestly admitted that on shooting this story about solitary voyaging and survival on a yacht in the Indian Ocean, he was inspired by the story of Hemingway the Old Man and the Sea.
  2. «Sea Wolf»/ Der Seewolf (2008) is a German adaptation of Jack London's novel of the same name about a whaling vessel.
  3. «»Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World (2003) - a screen adaptation of Patrick O'Brien's novel about the confrontation between two military sailing ships in the era of the Napoleonic Wars. History connoisseurs can see in the plot elements of real events of the Anglo-American War of 1812-1815. But even without it, the story of Captain Jack Aubrey (Russell Crowe) and his team is securely chained to the screen for two hours.


  1. «Around the World by Laura»/ Maidentrip (2013) - chronicle of the round-the-world voyage of Dutch yachtswoman Laura Decker. The girl went on her own to conquer the world ocean when she was only 16 years old.
  2. «Morning Light»/Morning Light (2008) is the story of how a brave young non-professional team assembled by Walt Disney's nephew Roy Disney trained and then participated in the 2225-mile off-shore Transpacific Yacht Race (TRANSPAC).
  3. «Tabarly»(2008) - film about French yachting legend Eric Tabarly. The film was nominated for Best Documentary Film for the French National Cesar «Award in» 2009.
  4. Maiden (2018) is the story of the first female crew in the history of the Whitbread round-the-world regatta (now The Ocean Race).

Movies with superyachts

«Cinematography» and«luxury yachts ? Of course the first thing that comes to mind is James Bond! At the Casino«»Royale (2006), the 32.9m Sunseeker Predator 108 built in 2003 and the 16.7m Spirit 54 Soufrière, a sailing yacht designed especially for the shooting. At 007:«Skifall /Skyfall»(2012) can be admired on the 56m motor sailing Regina (Med Yachts; 2011). According to Spirit Yachts, the 14-metre Spirit 46 «will appear in the new part of the bondiana. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, the premiere was moved from April to November.

In addition to movies about the main British spy, you can also see the Wolf «of»Wall Street (2013). One of the most important scenes in the story takes place on Lady M (Intermarine; 2002), which in the movie is named Nadine. Just appreciate this piece with a violent storm that ended in the evacuation of the hero Leonardo DiCaprio by helicopter.

In the comedy «Just Stunning /Absolutely»Fabulous: The Movie (2016) one of the locations is the 40-meter Sunseeker 131 Thumper (2014). The party was filmed on a yacht from Entourage «»(2015) aboard the 46.9-meter USHER (Delta Marin; 2007). Those who like vintage detectives can spend a couple of hours watching «The Last of»Sheila (1973), shot at Malahne (Camper & Nicholsons; 1937).

Read about the sea

Artistic novels

Vladislav Krapivin, Alexander Green, Jules Verne, Jack London, Herman Melville, Danielle Default, Robert Stevenson, Rafael Sabatini - choose any author to your liking!

Travel Diaries

  1. «Journey around the world» and Journey«around the world on the ship "Neva" in 1803-1806 -»records by Ivan Kruzenshtern and Yuri Lisyansky of the first Russian round-the-world voyage of 1803-1806
  2. «Swimming brigade "Novaya Zemlya"»- diary entries by Andrei Lazarev made during the research expedition off the coast of Novaya Zemlya in 1819.
  3. «Pallada»frigate - Ivan Gorchakov's travel notes during his 1852-1855 round-the-world trip.
  4. «Power of Faith», «On the Way to Cape Horn, On»«the Limit of Opportunities, Alone»«with the Ocean - Fyodor Konyukhov's Diaries»and Travel Notes
  5. «Ra», «Expedition "Kon Tiki"», «Expedition "Tigris"»- memoirs of Tour Heyerdahl.
  6. «Life at the edge of the earth - an»expedition to Calypso«Jacques-Yves» Cousteau and Yves Pakkale.

Textbooks on the theory of yachting

There seem to be as many books on maritime affairs as there are books on the oceans. Lighthouses to help you navigate this ocean can serve a variety of collections of literature. The excellent digital library was collected in two zip-files, for example, in the Yacht Club of MSU. A small Yachtsman»'s« Library can also be found on the site of the St. Petersburg Yachting «Seasons School .

If textbooks seem to be scarce, lectures on maritime affairs in video and audio format can be found, for example, on the sites of the St. Petersburg projects Frigate "«Standard" and Brig "»Triumph"«.

During the usual time off-season, Triumph«'s volunteers hold free lectures aboard the icebreaker Krasin every week» on Sundays. And in social networks of the project and now there are regular videos about marine nodes.

You can listen and watch live lectures about sails on the Wind «Force page on Facebook.

Tie all knots from» Clifford Ashley's Book«of Knots.

The Ashley Book of Knots - a real Bible not only for yachtsmen, but also for anyone who needs to tie a knot. The American sailor, artist and writer Clifford Ashley has been working on his 630-page brainchild for over 10 years and has assembled almost 3,000 knots, splashes, lights, knots, stamps in it.

All the nodes in the book are numbered and divided by type and scope. Illustrated tying instructions each article is accompanied by a comment on the advantages and disadvantages of a particular node.

Studying the «Book of Knots»is a great idea for filling the ribbon in social networks. Or maybe you'd like to challenge your friends and make a whole bang? Check out which one of you can learn more knots and learn to knit faster than the others?

To participate in virtual regatta.

In addition to the generally recognized foreign service Virtual Regata, there is also its Russian analogue - Yo-regata.«In the first»case, you can race directly in the browser, in the second case you will first have to install a special application on your computer or mobile device. Russian developers created versions for Android, iOS and Windows.

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