Insulation 2.0: Artemiy Lebedev went by yacht from Yaroslavl to St. Petersburg
Yachting in Russia

Insulation 2.0: Artemiy Lebedev went by yacht from Yaroslavl to St. Petersburg

By law, a yacht in Russia is equated to real estate, so you can isolate yourself not only in the apartment, but also on board.
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Russian designer Artemiy Lebedev left Yaroslavl for St. Petersburg on the yacht Azimut 55 Fly. The cruise of the founder of the design studio Art.Lebedev started on April 30 and ended on May 8.

The organizer of the voyage is our portal represented by charterly project, which is a part of itboat group of companies.

«There are no checkpoints on the way from Moscow to Yaroslavl. You can go, take a boat and sail for your pleasure»," the designer wrote in one of his Instagram posts.

Initially the start was planned from Nizhny Novgorod, but according to the local legislation it is possible to apply for a permit to enter the region only if you have a Nizhny Novgorod residence permit, or a work permit, or you follow the region in transit, that is without stopping.

You could follow Lebedev's journey in his Instagram. Within a day, Lebedev managed to pass airlock number 11, get out of the Volga to Rybinsk reservoir and make a stop in Rybinsk. Then, passing Cherepovets, he went out of the Sheksna River into White Lake and stopped in Belozersk. From Belozersk through the Mariinsky Canal Artemiy Lebedev got to Vytegra, and in the town of the same name he walked to the submarine B-440 which was turned into a museum. From Vytegra the designer went to Onega Lake, then along the Svir River he got to Ladoga Lake and finally to the Neva River. On May 8, Azimut 55 Ludmila successfully reached St. Petersburg.

This is not the first voyage of Artemiy Lebedev along the Volga by yacht, organized by itBoat portal. In the summer of 2011 he passed the exam for the right to operate a small boat and went on an ethnographic expedition from Moscow to Astrakhan on the yacht Grandezza 31 OC «Esmeraldusik».

«In difficult times for the world yachting industry we want to support domestic Russian yachting tourism. It is not clear when Europe will open its borders, but it is not a reason for despair: Russia is full of underestimated routes, places that amaze with their beauty. We hope that the project, which we are implementing together with one of the Russian charter companies, will dispel the myth that exciting journeys start exclusively outside Russian borders»," comments Nikita Gorchakov, founder and creative director of itBoat.

It is possible to rent a yacht in Russia one and a half or two times cheaper than a yacht of the same class in Europe.

For a long voyage with the family a yacht of 15-20 meters in length will be suitable. The cost of renting such a boat in the company Y&T Yacht & Travel, which provided the project Charterly yacht for Artemiy Lebedev, starts from 150 thousand rubles per day.

Book a cruise «as the Theme is available»on the Charterly Project website, by phone at +7 (495) 77-11-700, or by writing directly to WhatsApp at this link.

Recall that navigation on Russian rivers was fully opened on April 25. In the Moscow region because of the warm winter it happened even earlier - April 20. At the end of April yacht clubs opened their doors for residents, and owners were able to prepare their boats for the new season.

Complying with the presidential decree on self-isolation, Artemiy Lebedev ate and slept on the yacht, while in the berths he kept a social distance.

«In Russia a yacht is legally equivalent to real estate, - explains Nikita Gorchakov, the founder and creative director of itBoat, - so from the point of view of the law the self-isolation on board the yacht is no different from the self-isolation in the apartment. Of course, as long as every precaution»is taken.

The project to support inland water tourism has already yielded its first fruits - a large number of applications have been received and the first sale of the cruise in Russia has taken place, with Instagram serving as the sales channel.

In the near future itBoat plans to organize other boat trips on rivers and water bodies of Russia with participation of famous people and bloggers.

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