Sailing returned to the Moscow reservoirs.
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Sailing returned to the Moscow reservoirs.

The Wind» Power Project «has resumed training on «Rays»
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Moscow authorities have announced the long-awaited easing of restrictions imposed in the city due to the coronavirus epidemic. From June 1, the residents of the city will be able to walk three times a week within a radius of 2 km from home and to exercise in the fresh air every day until 9 a.m. at any distance from home. You don't even have to apply for an electronic pass. In Moscow suburbs electronic passes were completely canceled on May 25.

One of the great options for spending time outside the home can be sailing training on single-seater sports dinghies, such as the Beam«class of the Russian» brothers international lasers«. The Wind Power»Project has already«announced the»resumption of daily training just on such boats. Shortboat training allows you to learn the smallest nuances of control that will be useful on sailing boats of all sizes.

«There are rays» on all three bases of the school: in the Strogin floodplain, yacht club Water House on the Klyazma and in the sanatorium «Berezki» on the shore of the Pirogov reservoir (here the«Wind Force» temporarily moved from the yacht club Nut«Bay).

One training session lasts two hours. Both absolute beginners in yachting and professionals with great experience are waiting» for the«Wind Force. The former will be taught everything from scratch, while the latter can simply hone their skills in a comfortable environment.

A lesson with a coach costs 3500 r., and independent practice - 2000 r. At the same time, even if a person already knows how to control the beam«,»one lesson with the coach is mandatory - the school can not let a yachtsman on the water alone without making sure that he is well enough trained.

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