Passenger navigation opened in St. Petersburg
Yachting in Russia

Passenger navigation opened in St. Petersburg

Waterways have been open to ship traffic in the Northern Capital since June 28.
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The Committee on Transport of St. Petersburg has issued a long-awaited order according to which starting from 10 a.m. on June 28 the movement of both vessels owned by organizations and individual entrepreneurs as well as other small size vessels is again allowed in the city.

«Inland waterways are ready, cleared, equipped with navigation signs, our control rooms are working in normal mode», - says the head of basin administration Fedor Shishlakov.

Only the section of the river Moika under the Green Bridge will remain closed for traffic. The vessels will be able to pass there again not earlier than July 16.

Initially it was planned to open waterways for small boats in St. Petersburg from April 6. However, having issued the corresponding order on March 26, only five days later the transport committee cancelled it. The fault was the coronavirus epidemic and the need to introduce measures to prevent the disease. As a result, from April 9, the waterways were open only for vessels of special designation, which provided safety control or participated in rescue and environmental activities or repair work. From April 15, the list was supplemented with small-size fishing vessels.

Despite this solemn opening of navigation and celebration of the 300th anniversary of travel works on the Volgo-Balta was held in Shlisselburg on April 25, when even a parade of Volgo-Balta motor ships was held.

From the middle of May, floating petrol stations started gradually one after another in the city.

Fans of sailing could open the season even before the official opening of navigation.

Already on June 20 one of the largest yachting clubs in Russia,«Baltiets,»held the first stage of the traditional Baltiets Cup«.

Participants of the regatta have passed on a route length of 10 nautical miles, laid in the Nevskaya Bay. 60 yachts have started. They had to be divided into 13 credit groups.

On June 20-23 also the «Small «Baltic» Yacht Club Cup for children and teenagers was held.

With toughening of restrictions in the water area of the Nevskaya Bay boatmasters had to face again on June 19-28. These days «Russia» was preparing for the holiday of graduates Scarlet«Sails. Restrictions affected not only small vessels, sport sailing boats, pleasure boats and jet-skis, but also fishing fleet and in general all vessels with gross tonnage less than 100 register tons. Especially strict observance of the ban on the movement of ships was monitored during the night from 27 to 28 June, during the holiday itself. This year it was broadcast online and the organizers did not want any foreign vessels to get caught. The Saint-Petersburg River Yacht Club was even closed on June 27, so that no guests would be tempted to go on the water.

The first passenger ship arrived to the Leningrad region in the morning of 18 June.

According to the estimates of the shipping company Neva«Travel Company, in»2020 the number of customers will be reduced by four times and will amount to about 200 thousand people against 800 thousand in 2019.

In total in 2019 2,7 million people used services of companies-members of Association of owners of passenger vessels of St.-Petersburg.

On June 26, in accordance with the Russian government decree, waterborne and inland passenger transport was included in the list of industries that were most severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

«It is impossible to imagine St. Petersburg without navigation on rivers and canals. Our city is certainly the capital of water tourism in our country. After lifting the restrictions for the tourist industry, we will support the development of water routes with the inclusion of new tourist modern spaces such as Lahta, Sevkabel Port, New Holland with access to the Neva River and a beautiful view of the WHSD bridge, Gazprom Arena. These are absolutely new routes that our guests will enjoy in the future. For this purpose, we are in constant contact and cooperation with shipping companies and colleagues from the Committee on Transport, this work in the future will be included in the strategy of breakthrough tourism development in St. Petersburg -»promises the Chairman of the Committee on Tourism Development in St. Petersburg Sergei Korneev.
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