The only one in Russia. Report from the yachting exhibition in St. Petersburg.

The only one in Russia. Report from the yachting exhibition in St. Petersburg.

The main outcome of SPIBS 2020 is that it took place in principle
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The seventh exhibition, which was held by the St. Petersburg River Yacht Club, has finished its work. This year it is, without exaggeration, one of the few in the world and almost the only one in Russia. And even its small exhibition volume, compared to previous years, did not detract from the advantages of the SPIBS-2020. The show gathered guests from all Russian regions, even from the Far East.

As Zariy Chernyak, Chairman of the Editorial Board of MBY Russia, said at the opening ceremony, SPIBS is certainly not as big as the Cannes Yacht Festival, but it was cancelled this year too.

In St. Petersburg it was possible to see the boats and go out on the water, and of course, to buy or order them for the next season. And the weather in the Northern Capital these days was close to the one on the Côte d'Azur.

In total there were about 40 models of yachts and boats from 5 to 25 meters in length.

The coronavirus pandemic and border closures have fuelled interest in domestic tourism and, with it, interest in Russian-made boats and yachts, which have proved to be much more affordable in the face of the rising euro to the ruble than their European competitors. In addition, the crisis has significantly complicated and made the logistics of imported boats more expensive. These trends were also confirmed by SPIBS, where good and relatively inexpensive aluminium boats Volzhanka (in particular, the Voyager 700 model), Albakore 500 Fish, Victory 515, Ventum 860 and even such exotics «as the airship»North enjoyed special attention.

There were almost no new models at the exhibition, except, perhaps, Grizzly 960 boats produced by the yard of the same name (St. Petersburg), which were exhibited for the first time in Russia. After the launch it was highly appreciated by the yachtsmen, the performance of the model and its suitability for long expeditions were noted.

The guests of the SPIBS-2020 were also interested in a relatively fresh model of the young Finnish shipyard Greenbay, a Force 10 military «style boat,» which was brought by Life Motor Boat. This is one of the first two hulls and the only one presented in Russia. The boat was tested by MBY journalists. Even in the indicator output, its super strength and reliability was noticeable.

Nord Star Yachting, the largest player on the market and a regular participant in the exhibition, has placed its bets on quantities. Their exhibition fleet consisted of 8 yachts: three Princess cruisers, two models of Finnish HO boats, two Beneteau trawlers and an expedition yacht of the domestic manufacturer Laky Verf 23M. The last of the above is the largest boat of the exhibition.

«SPIBS exhibition justifies its purpose. Many representatives of the target audience came to our booth. This year the weight of the exhibition, which is noticeable in the Russian calendar itself, has increased many times, because it was the only one in Russia. Motorboat & Yachting magazine does a lot for the development of boat-show in Russia and it is worth only greeting. But, it should be said that there will be no yacht shows in Russia on such a scale as in Europe and USA. And it's not even because yachting, sailing and motor yachting don't fit in the way that horses fit in the life of Swedes, Finns or Americans. In Russia, the models on the show are presented by a distributor or a regional dealer, and for this reason they are incomparably smaller, and therefore the scale of the show itself is not so large», - commented itBoat Denis Khamzatov, head of sales at Nord Star Yachting.

As always, the SPIBS-2020 showed a lot of products from Scandinavian shipyards. These are well known to Russians Finns Sargo 31, Sargo 34 Fly and Sargo 36 Baikal Edition as well as Minor 34 Offshore, Targa 46 and Swedish boats Anytec 27 AC and Anytec A23 together with the new Anytec brand - the stylish yellow Ockelbo B21 CAB.Among the offers from the nearest European neighbors of St. Petersburg stood out boat Aquador 28 HT, an interesting offer for our market with a relatively low price and a decent set of qualities.

The Scandinavian society was diluted «by Frenchwomen» Jeanneau Merry Fisher 695 and Jeanneau NC 37,«Dutchwomen Elling» E6, and boats Parker (Poland), Weldcraft Cuddy King 900 EX (USA).

The exhibition program included two regattas. The final race of the regatta for the Motor Boat & Yachting Magazine Cup ended on the first day of the exhibition in the evening, against the background of the setting sun. Another regatta, the traditional SPIBS Race, was held on the second day of the exhibition. It was attended by newcomers and all wishing to try sailing under the guidance of experienced instructors from ZIgZag sailing school.

In conclusion, the main outcome of the SPIBS-2020 is that it took place in principle.

«The exhibition was and remains a meeting place, a place of communication. I would like to thank those companies that agreed to participate, thus proving that yachting, both expensive and more accessible, is reviving, -»said Zariy Chernyak.

As early as next year, the MBY Exhibition Project Directorate hopes to hold a complete exhibition set in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan and Samara.

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