A water taxi appeared in St. Petersburg.

A water taxi appeared in St. Petersburg.

In Moscow, public transport on the river will not appear in 2020.
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Now for a walk through the canals of the Russian Northern Capital you do not have to lose time in line for a river tramway full of tourists. You can order a six-seater boat for yourself and your friends from September 7 directly from the mobile application Gett or AnyShips.

«The task of AnyShips is to offer the city not just a recreational attraction, but a full-fledged alternative to land transport: in good weather from the Peter and Paul Fortress to the center can be reached without traffic jams and with comfort even in rush hour, - say the founders»of the service.

The boat can go to one of the 100 berths. If the project is popular with the townspeople, next year the number of boats will increase and the waiting time will decrease.

So far, 30 minutes rent of one of the 8 boats cost 3000 rubles for six or 6000 for 12 people.

During the next navigation the price is planned to be reduced.

The peculiarities of water transport do not allow to make a tariffing system such as in a land taxi, because the boat has to always return to the base berth. Thus, the price of the trip is automatically affected by the cost of ferrying an empty boat. Thus 80 % of earnings are received by the Petersburg companies owning boats, to the aggregator the commission of 20 % remains.

«Water taxi» works from 10 am to 1:30 am.

The night limitation is connected with the bridges, after which small vessels are no longer allowed to be in the Neva water area.

The past of water public transport in the city

10 years ago, several waterbus lines were launched by the administration of St. Petersburg. But because of the gradual increase in ticket prices up to 200-300 rubles their popularity has been falling over time. In addition, the city began to have problems in relations with carriers. As a result, by 2015, the aquabuses had disappeared.

At the same moment, a water «taxi in» town tried to run Uber. The delivery of the boat cost 300 rubles, every minute of the trip - another 50. A half hour trip along the Neva cost about 1500 rubles. But the company never managed to build work with boats, so the project did not last long.

In 2016 Uber held a one-time event in Saint-Petersburg and Moscow, which allowed clients with Mastercard tied up for free 30 minutes to ride on the Moscow River and the Neva. The charterly charter division of itBoat became a partner of the event.

By the way, what about river transport in Moscow?

The last regular river route disappeared from the capital in 2005. By this time, there was no trace of the Soviet popularity of water passenger transportation, a year trams were used by several tens of thousands of people. People simply moved to land transport.

The idea of returning the river to the public transport system has been under discussion again since 2011. But these plans have not yet been realized. They wanted to resume transport from 2020, but now the launch has been postponed to 2021-2022 again. In the current situation, according to the Deputy Head of the Department of Transport of Moscow Dmitry Pronin, who is quoted by TASS, budget costs for the supply of river vessels are not «necessary .

«We will continue to prepare the berthing infrastructure, but we will return to the purchase of ships when the budget revenues are equalized, -»explained Pronin.

When the project is finally implemented, it is planned to launch pilot routes from« Fili Park t»o Kievsky Railway Station and from Novodanilovskaya Embankment to Pechatnikov. The interval of movement will be 4-10 minutes.

Unlike water taxis Gett and AnyShips in St. Petersburg, trams will run in Moscow all year round. The cost of the trip will be comparable to the rest of the city transport, there will be social cards and benefits, the fare can be paid by the Troika«.

And here, perhaps, will look like the trams themselves. The information on 40-seater KS-163 boats capable to speed up to 14,5 knots has already been published on the site of Kostroma Shipyard.

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