Which affects the cost of shipping a yacht
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Which affects the cost of shipping a yacht

Artem Rozhkov from «Exclusive Logistics» tells what the cost of transporting a yacht and how to save money on it.
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The cost of yacht transportation may vary from several tens to several hundred thousand rubles. If you ask in advance what the cost of transportation is, you can find ways to save on this item.

There are four basic summations of the cost of carriage: what size yacht is carried, on what route it is carried, and when.

Let's look at each of them separately.

The rolling stock used

The main asset of the carrier are tractors and semi-trailers. Depreciation and payback periods of the rolling stock directly affect the rate of development of the company and the cost of services. Vehicles - an asset with high ownership risks and limited resources. Therefore, any entrepreneur in the transport sector seeks maximum profit in a short period of time.

We put in the cost price a certain normative payback. It is clear that in absolute terms, this indicator directly depends on the cost of rolling stock. Therefore, the optimization of the cost of used equipment allows the company to enter the market with more profitable cost of services without detriment to profit and growth.

What are the ways to optimize the fleet cost? For example, you can constantly monitor the truck market and look for some profitable, cheaper offers to buy. It is also important to correctly form the company's fleet, based on demand.

When ordering transportation is not bad at first to figure out on their own what can be carried your boat or yacht.

You can take a boat up to 30 feet in a trailer behind an SUV. A 40-foot boat is already using a two-axle tractor and a two-axle semi-trailer. A 60-foot boat will require a three-axle tractor and a three-axle semi-trailer. For the transportation of keel sailing yachts, a special support system is required.

It is clear that the cost of a jeep with trailer is several times lower than the cost of a three-axle tractor with semi-trailer. Therefore, the price of transporting a 30-foot boat on the right rolling stock will be low.

Dimensions and cargo weight

These parameters have a significant impact on the cost of services. The majority of boats and yachts are large cargo. According to the impact on the cost of transportation of large-size cargo can be divided into several groups.

The first group is cargo, for which only a special permit is required. Here everything is simple. A special permit can be issued within 15 working days at the portal of public services, paying only 1600 rubles state duty. Or apply to specialized organizations that can make the special permit faster, but the price will already be from 15 tr.

The second group - boats and yachts from 3.5 to 4.5 meters wide. Such cargoes require two cover vehicles in addition to the special permit. The cost of services for escorting such vehicles is 25-30 rubles per km of mileage.

The third group is width from 4.5 to 5 meters. Here already 3 cover vehicles are required.

The fourth group - the width of more than 5 meters. In this case, in addition to 3-4 cover vehicles are required to be accompanied by a Hybrid patrol vehicle.

Also, for each group of cargo you need an additional cover vehicle at the height of the road train with cargo over 4.5 meters. The yacht itself should be no higher than 4 meters. More clearly, the dependence of the number of cover vehicles on the parameters of the cargo is shown in the table.

The less cover cars are used, the cheaper is the delivery cost. And if the width of the ship owner can not do anything, the height is quite possible to reduce.

It is always possible to compare the cost of assembling/disassembling the upper parts of a boat or yacht with the cost of an additional cover machine for heights above 4.5 meters.

Heavy yachts should be included into a special category. This parameter starts to have a significant impact on the cost of delivery when the weight of the road train with the yacht exceeds 44 tons. An empty road train usually weighs between 18 and 25 tonnes. Thus, yachts weighing over 19 tons may fall into this category.

If the weight of your yacht is close to this parameter, it is better to try to minimize it before transportation.

For example, it is possible to drain excess fuel and water, as well as send dismantled parts in a separate machine.


Transportation of yachts is a seasonal service. During the period of high demand, from April to August, many transport companies raise prices. And in the low season they lower prices, trying to minimize rolling stock downtime.

If you plan to transport a boat or yacht, it is always more profitable to do so in winter or autumn.

It is also worth noting that in winter and autumn there is practically no repair and construction work on federal highways. And the presence of repairs on the road directly affects the possibility of carrying large-size cargo. Reverse traffic is often organized, concrete blocks and other obstacles are installed, and some areas are completely blocked. Therefore, in winter and autumn it is easier to get a special permit for transportation of bulky cargo. And the route can be much shorter, because there is no need to go around sections with road works. Accordingly, the price of transportation is even lower.

Route of transportation

Motor delivery is not the cheapest form of cargo transportation. The length of the route directly affects the cost. The distillation of a yacht in its course is often more profitable than road transportation. In central Russia water infrastructure is well developed, many cities are directly connected by water. For long-distance transportation it is also possible to walk part of the route on your own.

Also, the length of the route depends on repairs to the road network, as I mentioned above. In summer there is a need to coordinate a large number of detours, which can extend the route by 20-30% and increase the cost of transportation.

The route of transportation depends directly on the size and weight of the yacht. For example, a yacht with a width and height of 5 meters is often impossible to carry at the shortest distance between two points.

There must be some low bridges or other engineering structures on the direct route that prevent the passage. Carriers are therefore forced to choose and agree on bypass routes. This can significantly increase the length of the transport route and its cost.

That way, if you want to transport your yacht, then figure out what kind of machinery you'll need. Find a transport company with the right fleet. Get an offer and compare it to the cost of ferry. If necessary and possible - reduce the height of the boat to 4 meters and minimize the weight. And wait for the first snow.

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