Samara Boat Show 2020 will be held September 26-27

Samara Boat Show 2020 will be held September 26-27

The exhibition was originally scheduled for May.

The first Samara Boat Show 2020, which was to be held on the Volga on May 16-17, has been postponed to September 26-27. Due to the coronavirus pandemic the event was postponed by 4 months, but it did not affect the venue. Guests are still welcome at the Swallow «Yacht Club,»located on the bank of the Sukhaya Samarka River.

Best of all, the Samara Boat Show will feature aluminum boats 5-7 meters long from Russian manufacturers. Boats from Grizzly, VBoats, Realcraft, SPEV, Bossforr and Slider will be on show. In addition, French pleasure and fishing boats Jeanneau Merry Fisher and a 12-meter yacht with flybridge Galeon 400 Fly from Poland will complement the exhibition.

The Samara Boat Show 2020 is organized by Motor Boat & Yachting Magazine, the same team that annually hosts the Moscow Yacht Show (MYS), Saint Petersburg International Boat Show (SPIBS) and Kazan Yachting Festival (KYF). However, no exhibitions were held in Moscow and Kazan in 2020.

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