Now there is a full official navigation guide for yachting in North West Russia
Yachting in Russia

Now there is a full official navigation guide for yachting in North West Russia

The guide is available in English, Russian and Finnish
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Owners of small vessels who are planning to cross the waterways in the North-West of the European part of Russia received a useful and interesting guide: "Navigation in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region - 2021".

 The document, which was prepared and published by the Directorate for the Development of the Transport System of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region, is available in 3 languages — English, Russian and Finnish. 

 There are 6 chapters in total.  In four of them, yachtsmen will find information about water tourist routes in the North-West of Russia, existing yacht clubs and guest berths, and sailing features in certain areas.  The last section concerns navigation in the border zone, along the Saimaa Canal, Vyborg Bay, the water area of ​​St. Petersburg and in the water area of ​​the seaports Big Port of St. Petersburg and Passenger Port of St. Petersburg.  

A separate chapter is devoted to the peculiarities of navigation on inland waters and sea routes of the Leningrad Region and St. Petersburg.  In particular, it deals with the procedure for the passage of a small fleet through the locks of the Volga-Baltic Canal.

The largest chapter of the handbook is devoted to the specifics of customs operations and border control.  It not only describes the control verification operations and the procedure for passing the control, but also, for example, provides a scheme for the passage of ships at the sea checkpoint in the "Big Port of St. Petersburg".

 At the end of the guide there are contacts of emergency services, information about VHF communication channels in the seaports of the region and useful sites and addresses.

 Navigation in St. Petersburg in 2021 started on April 9.  Traffic along the branches of the Neva and the canals opened on 15 April. The current bridge rising schedule is available in the free mobile application "Bridges of Petersburg" or on the website "Bridges of Petersburg". 

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