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Model range of Finngulf

The brand Finngulf produces sailing Cruisers with Mediterranean Cockpit. There are 4 models from 10 to 14 meters.

About Finngulf

Company history

The history of the Scandinavian shipyard began with the young yachtsman Stig Nordblad. In 1980 he decided to build a sports yacht for the ¾-tonne world championship. The legendary Finngulf 34, which was the impetus for the company, was based on rare (even today's) advanced solutions. The yacht, for example, had aluminum bulkheads welded to an aluminum bulkhead pipe that passed through the interior as a powerful power element.

The boat was the fastest Scandinavian yacht in the world championship, and the Stig has received several orders to build similar models. The original boat was» certainly «not suitable for racing and a lot of changes had to be made. Håkan Södergren was then involved in the development. In its first years of operation, the shipyard built around 20 Finngulf 34 cruise ships, which had good speed characteristics.

The next model Finngulf 39 (and its modification Finngulf 391) was no less successful. The shipyard has been producing it for the next 23 years. By the 90's the shipyard was not only selling yachts in Europe, but was also actively dispersed across the ocean.


The company continues to work and updates its model range.


After the crisis years, the company outsourced the construction of its vessels to contractors (e.g. the Estonian Saare Paat shipyard) and left only the construction of the Finngulf 43 model in Finland.

Model range

The Finngulf range includes sailing boats from 10 to 14 metres. Since the first boats were built, GRP has been selected as the hull material. The company builds the most popular cruising yachts to date with a Mediterranean cockpit.

Features .

«Our goal has always been and remains to build the best high performance cruising yachts for 100 percent sailing,"»says Stig Norblad.

As it was almost 40 years ago, Finngulf produces comfortable cruisers with good sailing characteristics.

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