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Model range of Nordhavn

The brand Nordhavn produces displacement Yachts and expedition Yachts and Trawlers. There are 20 models from 12 to 45 meters.

About Nordhavn

Company history

The history of Nordhavn brand of the American company Pacific Asian Enterprises has developed very consistently. The future founding fathers Jim Leishman and Dan Streech started in 1973 as regular brokers working in the California Yacht Center. Later they started their own company and started boating from Taiwan.

The partners have established links in the Asian market, and gradually they have a project of a new cruising yacht with a trawler look in the North European style. This is how the Nordhavn brand was born in 1989. Perhaps the world fame would have come to the company earlier, but in 1990 a 10% luxury tax was introduced in the USA and until its abolition the shipyard had not sold a single boat to the home country. On the other hand, Nordhavn managed to start successful future cooperation with foreign buyers.


Today Nordhavn vessels are recognized as one of the most popular among the US explorers. Americans on these boats often go around the world, and the shipyard supports their clients' initiatives and organizes regattas Around the world and Nordhavn Atlantic Rally for them.

Production .

The company's production facilities are located in Xiamen, China. The construction is carried out at a modern shipyard, which provides generally recognized high quality boats. Nordhavn is headquartered in California.

Model range

The company has focused on building powerful displacement expedition-class yachts with steel hull and cozy interiors. Although there are also projects of relatively small trawlers and motorhomes.

Features .

The Nordhavn shipyard is worth mentioning. Its boats are more durable, reliable and economical. An additional advantage is the price, the cost of the Asian assembly is lower than in Europe or the USA, which certainly plays an important role when choosing a yacht.

Video of the builder Nordhavn

Video tours of the builder's production site, reports from open days, dealer meetings, and other events

Советы по уходу за лодкой

В рамках виртуального дня открытых дверей в Nordhavn Том Сэйвер (Tom Saywer) рассказывает о профессиональном уходе за лодками.
Nordhavn Yachts 29.06.2020

Интервью с президентом Nordhavn Дэнм Стричем

Nordhavn Yachts 10.05.2020

Рекламный ролик верфи Nordhavn

Nordhavn Yachts 19.12.2018
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