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Alfastreet d.o.o.

Počkaj d.o.o. Partizanska cesta 129 A Sežana, 6210

Model range of Alfastreet Marine

The brand Alfastreet Marine produces cuddy Cabin Boats and electric and Hybrid Boats. There are 1 model 7.8 meters.

About Alfastreet Marine

Company history

The founder of the Slovenian shipyard Alfastreet Marine, Iztok Pockaj is known as an experienced businessman, innovator, designer and designer. His first brainchild was the slot machine company, which won a leading position in the world. At the same time, Istok has always enjoyed the time spent at sea. He loved the boats he had, but the pursuit of perfection made him look for a boat that was as comfortable and easy to use as possible. When this search was not successful, he decided to build his own dream boat and created a separate company - Alfastreet Marine. He was assisted by three well-known designers: Armin Koren and Paolo Dose from Venetian Design and Andrea Agrusta from Naval Heads. Together they were able to launch their first model 18 Open rather quickly, which conquered customers with its extraordinary design, excellent stability and silent electric drive.

«I started my projects when I made sure there were no boats on the market that could meet my design and functionality requirements," says Istok Pochkaj.- Own knowledge and experience combined with the experience and expertise of outstanding naval architects made it possible to implement a project to produce high quality boats that meet modern requirements".


It's working.


The homeland of Alfastreet boats is Sejana, a town in western Slovenia, on the border with Italy. The administrative office of the company is located next to the shipyard.

Model range

The most compact model in the Alfastreet range is the designer runabout Open 18 with a length of 5.6 meters. It has a unique roof that can be lowered or raised at the touch of a button if necessary. In addition, an electric motor with a capacity of up to 10 kW, paired with a battery of up to 25 kWh and a solar panel, can be installed on request. The 23 Open and 23 Cabin models are 8 metres long and are designed for more serious harbour exits. They can also be equipped with an electric propulsion system.


Alfastreet boats are notable, first of all, for the presence in the portfolio of models with electric motors. In addition, a unique lifting roof structure with a sliding sector allows you to enjoy the beauty of the surroundings or to protect yourself from the weather.

Thanks to their electric motors, Alfastreet Marine boats meet all environmental regulations of European countries on rivers, lakes and canals.

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