KingFisher Boats Inc.

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Model range of KingFisher

The brand KingFisher produces aluminum boats and fishing Boats. There are 31 models from 5 to 11 meters.

About KingFisher

Company history

Brand of fishing boats KingFisher (rus. "zymorodok") in its current hypostasis has existed since 2012. The owner of three Canadian shipyards (KingFisher, Harbercraft and Jetcraft), Westwinn Group, decided to rebrand their products under the name "KingFisher". This step was preceded by market research, which showed that KingFisher brand is perceived by consumers more positively. The approach to boat production has also been significantly changed. After such a dramatic transformation, the company's business went up, and in 2018 it was awarded the prestigious Canada's Best Managed Companies designation. This fact confirmed KingFisher's leading position in the Canadian boat market.

Production .

All the boats are manufactured in Vernon in southwest Canada in a state-of-the-art factory. Each boat is handmade by one and a half hundred shipyard workers, following strict quality standards.

Model range

KingFisher offers 5 lines of aluminium boats of various character - for every taste of demanding fishermen. These are models from 5,5 to 10 m length, mainly with outboard engine. For real sea fishing there is a series of off-road vehicles with Offshore trawler cabin, based on the heritage of Harbercraft shipyard. Coastal, Sport, Multi-Species series are designed for sport fishing and recreation in more predictable conditions on the sea coast and inland waters. River Jet is an innovative series of boats for fishing in shallow bays and mountain rivers with a protected flat bottom and waterjet propulsion.


The company manufactures all-metal boats without a single welded seam from Pre-Flex's high-strength aluminum hull. This is the company's own development from specially selected alloys. The shipyard is so confident in the durability of such hulls that it gives them a lifetime warranty.

Discontinued powerboat KingFisher

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