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Model range of Crestliner

The brand Crestliner produces aluminum boats and fishing Boats. There are 95 models from 3 to 8 meters.

About Crestliner

History of the company

When William Morse made his first boat in 1946 in the aircraft hangar of the American Little Falls (Minnesota), he could hardly foresee the future of his company. The history of Crestliner brand is a long line of changes of names and owners of the shipyard, which, however, did not prevent the main thing - innovative development of technologies and market conquest. In a portfolio of shipyard for 60-70th years we can see also models from the popular fiberglass plastic, but today the company is known thanks to work with aluminium alloys and introduction of technologies of welded manufacture of cases. For today Crestliner is a part of corporation Brunswick and is one of market leaders in the segment.

Model range

Leaving aside quite specific (but cute) pontoons, we will find at Crestliner, perhaps, any model that meets the requirements of fishermen of different degrees of preparation. These are mainly open light aluminium boats with outboard engine for inland waters from 3.7 to 6.7 meters long, including for shallow water fishing. The advanced Crestliner models are simply filled with all kinds of chips for comfortable fishing and demonstrate a truly American approach to the arrangement of boats of this type.


Crestliner was one of the first to abandon traditional rivets and adopt the technology of producing all-welded aluminum boats, which not only made the hulls more durable and monolithic, but also made it easier to implement other useful design solutions. To them it is possible to carry a successful variant of stringer system of rigidity of cases, strong profile boards, a four-component design of the case. Therefore, it is quite natural that the shipyard provides a lifetime warranty on its boats.

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