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Model range of Laguna-combi

The brand Laguna-combi produces racing Dinghies. There are 1 model 3.5 meters.

About Laguna-combi

The history of the company

The Leningrad Experimental Plant of Sports Shipbuilding has become the base for a number of existing enterprises and the cooperative Course i«s»one of them. Established in 1988 by the designer of the shipyardБ. N. Ershovthe «course» began to produce small fiberglass vessels.

The situation in the 90's did not allow expanding production, so the Course «»focused on the production of only a few projects Ershov. Among them the car-top boat« Pioneer», which was the predecessor of the rowing «lagoon»and later the sailing and rowing Lagoon-Combie

In 2010 Laguna-Combi« became a» class of yachts, which was developed as in &nbsp.Saint-Petersburgas well as in Moscow.

Suitable for transportation by car and use in unfinished water areas, Laguna-Combi« has spread» throughout the country and now its colorful sails are spotted on many rivers and lakes.

Since its appearance in the nomenclature of the Course «Shipyard, several hundred hulls of Laguna-Combi have been» produced Also Ershov's enterprise has mastered the system of franchising well back in 90-s, that's why Lagoons «were» built all over the former USSR. Often underground shipyards simply used a successful project without the author's permission.

Production .

The enterprise «Course» has developed in many directions. So, in 2012 in the separate enterprise «Special boats manufacture of RIB boats has been» allocated. Capacities of the companies are in St.-Petersburg and belong to family Ershov. The company employs over 20 people.

Model range

Fiberglass car-top dinghy of «Laguna-Combi» is available in two weapons options. It is a sloop-guari (mainsail, jib, gennaker) and a simpler weapon such as a kat«. The transom of the boat allows the use of outboard engine 5-7 hp.

Features .

Democratized and affordable, the Lagoon«Combine is designed»to perform several tasks. These are walks inland without equipped berths; training in sailing ship management and even regattas. Nowadays such competitions within the framework of class rules are held in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Vyborg, Suzdal and other cities of the country.

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