BuilderCantiere delle Marche

Italy, Ancona

Cantiere delle Marche S.R.L.

Via E. Mattei 36, 60125

Model range of Cantiere delle Marche

The brand Cantiere delle Marche produces displacement Yachts and motor Superyachts. There are 11 models from 26 to 43 meters.

About Cantiere delle Marche

Company history

Cantiere delle Marche (CdM) was founded in 2010 by a group of experienced Italian shipbuilders and businessmen, including members of the Cecchini family, owners of a large gas and chemical tanker construction business. The founders were also associated with Costruzionie Progettazioni Navali (CPN), a company specializing in the production of steel structures for ships of various applications. Another co-owner, Maurizio Gasparroni, was in the interior design business for yachts. With such a powerful base, the young shipyard quickly gained a place in the sun in the segment of small (25-35m) explorers, a niche that the shipyard chose for itself after a thorough analysis of the yachting market. The firstborn was the Vita di Mare (model Darwin 86) and the contract was signed two months after its opening. The first sale was quickly followed by others - a good start was made, despite the ongoing global financial crisis.

Status .

It is working. Moreover, the order book of Cantiere delle Marche is filled for several years ahead.

Produced by .

CdM yachts are manufactured at the Ancona site on the Italian Adriatic coast, a major centre of Italian shipbuilding.

Explorers are built with a steel hull and aluminum superstructure - extremely reliable and well thought out, as they were loved by customers who became the best advertising agents of the shipyard.

The average productivity of the company is 3-4 hulls per year. The yachts are designed in cooperation with such famous design and engineering teams as Hydro Tec (Darwin Class line) and Nauta Yacht Design (Nauta Air family).


The shipyard has handed over to owners more than a dozen yachts, autonomous and enduring, yet comfortable and refined in their own way. For 2019 the company has three ranges of explorers - a demanding customer will have a lot to choose from. However, the shipyard is ready to build a yacht according to the client's project as well. The Darwin Class family adheres to the proven expedition yachting classics. Her models demonstrate excellent seaworthiness, autonomy and reliability, while surprising the abundance of space on board. The more avant-garde boats in the Nauta Air series are designed for those looking for new experiences and emotions. The Acciaio line of yachts provides a new reading of the Explorer concept, where his expeditionary character is hidden in the elegant look of modern superyachts.


The company has managed to enter the small yacht-explorer segment very successfully, despite the fierce competition. Moreover, statistics show that the company has taken a leading position in its chosen size group, with 60 percent of orders for 80-112 feet in 2015.

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