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Model range of Outerlimits

The brand Outerlimits produces speedboats and Racing Boats. There are 9 models from 9 to 16 meters in the current model range from 3 lines: Super Cat, Super Leggera and Super Vee.

About Outerlimits

The history of the company

Talent and heritage are two factors that shaped the work of Mike Fiore, founder of Outerlimits. The son of Paul Fiore, who founded Hustler Powerboats in 1978, Mike has worked in boat building since he was 12 years old side by side with his father.

«I studied everything about boat construction - settings, fluid dynamics, material reactions - working with my father at Hustler," recalled Fiore Jr. - I did all the work you could do building a boat.

When his father sold Hustler, Mike decided it was a chance to make the boats of his dreams. In 1993, he realised his ambitions by founding Outerlimits.

Fiore wanted to go far beyond what was already being done in the industry; he wanted to set a new standard. Customers were looking for more and better, and he decided to make production motor boats to meet their needs.

The first Outerlimits was 37 feet long. Mike built it on a 2,000 meter rented industrial block in Halbrook, New York, Long Island. At the same time Fiore started to do service work and everything to survive between orders to build boats. Dubbed the Stilett, his debut 37-foot model, was an instant hit.

«In 2006, we decided that we wanted to race," Fiore said. - We built a new Super V Class and called it the SV 40. And that was the time when we revised the hull technology. The SV40 was the first one to have a 5-speed system. It made the boat fast and very maneuverable. We won the APBA World Cup on it that year. Then there was the 43SV, which became the extended version of the 40th and with it we won the European Championship in Powerboat P1 in 2009.

This was the start of many Outerlimits racing victories in America and beyond.

Fiore was convinced that the «possibility of using epoxy, glass and carbon fiber was a great leap in the shipbuilding industry.

After the tragic death of its founder, Outerlimits was replaced by several directors. And now Bob Russell came to management, who for many years was a financial sponsor, friend, racer and adviser to Mike, as well as the owner of many boats Outerlimits. Bob stressed that his plan for the near future is to make «Mike's dreams come true!»

Production .

The shipyard is located in the American city of Bristol, where the team moved in 1995, when it was necessary to significantly increase production space. The workshop includes a giant autoclave - large enough to accommodate any boat. This means that each hull can be made from lightweight and durable carbon fiber. The team of experienced craftsmen understands the importance of every step in the production of carbon fiber and carefully checks every detail at every stage of the work. Outerlimits boats are recognized as the strongest on the market.

Model range

The shipyard specializes in racing boats ranging in size from 29 to 52 feet. Lightweight, fast and maneuverable with a unique design, they convey the style, character and outlook of the owner.

Features .

Outerlimits is the only manufacturer of motor boats whose hull is built with the mandatory use of carbon fibre and epoxy resin. The carbon base makes the boat stronger, lighter and more protective in extreme conditions and intensive use. Carefully handcrafted with an individual design - every boat is a luxury combined with high technology.

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