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The brand Ocean Quality Systems produces sailing Cruising Catamarans and Trimarans. There are 4 models from 18 to 24 meters.

About Ocean Quality Systems

Company History

The Finnish shipyard Ocean Quality Systems (OQS) was founded in 2010 in the famous Jacobstadt yachtbuilding centre. The inspiration and first head of the company was Peter Granholm. The founders included 4 firms, subcontractors of the famous Nautor's Swan and Peter Granholm.Baltic. In an effort to create a completely unique product, the founders turned to the famous German Frers to design a luxury sailing catamaran. OQS catamarans are marketed under the Ocean Explorer brand. In recent years there have been changes in the company structure. The main owner is an Estonian entrepreneur. In 2018, after Peter Granholm's death, the company was taken over by Tomas Halmesmäki.

Status .

The shipyard is active for the period of writing the article in 2019.

Production .

The original idea of the company was to lack its own craftsmen and to engage professional subcontractors for various types of work. Over time, the approach has changed. At present, about 50 people are involved in workshops, 13 of which are OQS staff members.

The workshops are equipped with the latest hull lamination equipment and cover an area of 1300 sq. m. The company uses the vacuum infusion method and works with fiberglass epoxy and carbon materials.

The volume of production is very small, because the company produces exclusive boats that should not be produced in series.

There are usually 2 catamarans leaving the slipway each year and the company does not plan to produce more than 3.

A lineup

The shipyard currently produces 3 models of sailing catamarans from 60 to 78 feet under the Ocean Explorer brand names OE60, OE72 and OE78.

Features .

Yachtsmen familiar with the Ocean Explorer brand often refer to them as Swan among catamarans. The founders of the company are confident in the uniqueness of their boats. They are convinced that the quality and accuracy of production, combined with wide customization opportunities have no analogues in the segment of catamaran production.

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