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Nuova Jolly Model Range

The brand Nuova Jolly produces boats with Outboard Engines and central Console Boats. There are 1 model 12.9 meters.

About Nuova Jolly

History of the company

The shipbuilding company Nuova Jolly was founded in Italy by Domenico Aiello in 1961. More than 50 years ago he developed his first model and immediately determined the direction of the shipyard - the construction of RIBs. Despite half a century of history, the company has not changed the established concept and continues to develop in the segment of boats with inflatable sides.

In the 90s the next generation of ships - five sons of Domenico - joined the shipyard management. They treasuredly kept the traditions laid down by their father and strengthened the company's position in the market.


Nowadays the company continues its work. Nuova Jolly boats are in demand not only in Italy, but also abroad. The shipyard has established an extensive network of dealers with offices in Spain, Greece, Turkey, France, the Netherlands, Croatia, Slovenia, Germany, the United States and other countries.

Production .

The company has its own shipyard of over 5000 square meters located in Milan. Nuova Jolly boats are characterized by their robustness and good seaworthiness, and each model is rigorously tested.

Model range

Nuova Jolly's portfolio is represented by RIBs with outboard engines from 5 to 13 meters. These are luxury boats with a luxurious but practical Italian design. The range includes boats with central console, high-speed racing models, tenders, walkaround boats, e«tc.

The company produces three lines - NJ, Prince and Prince Cabin. NJ series is the entry level in the world of Nuova Jolly Marine. It is designed for those who are gaining their first experience in boating and therefore need a simple model with comfortable spaces and a reasonable amount of horsepower.

The Prince Cabin line, on the other hand, is designed for more experienced seafarers who really know what they are looking for. Additional equipment for professional sailors is available.

Prince Cabin series is designed for travel for one or two days and has a separate cabin.

Features .

Thanks to the specially designed V-shaped Hi-Power hull, Nuova Jolly boats are confident on water even in bad weather conditions. The neoprene and hipalon pipes have excellent resistance to UV radiation, which increases the life of the boat.

Also a wide range of colors and materials are offered for customers, which will make the boat unique among others.

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