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Model range of AMT

The brand AMT produces boats with Outboard Engines and bowriders. There are 14 models from 4 to 7 meters in the current model range from 5 lines: Aluminium, Bow Rider, Console, Daycruiser and Pilothouse.

About AMT

Company history

AMT (Advanced Marine Technology) was established more than 30 years ago as a boat division of a large Finnish retail chain and has long been manufacturing boats as a subcontractor. In 2005 ATM left the «mother» sales network and started to develop independently. The transition from contract manufacturing to the development of its own product line allowed the best practices and ideas of the company's specialists to be realized. The success of this venture was promoted both by a thorough knowledge of local consumers' demands and a desire to produce a really balanced and high-quality product in the most popular size niche, 4-7 meters. At the debut Helsinki International Boat Show in 2006 the company showed its first 5 models, warmly welcomed by the public. The crisis of 2008 had a negative impact on sales, but in the next few years the company did not lose time and significantly developed the aftermarket segment of its boats. Today there are more than 30,000 hulls produced by the yard. AMT boats are mainly exported to Norway and Sweden, but important markets are also Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Estonia, Russia, Great Britain, Belgium, Holland and even Turkey.

«It is indicative that the importance of exports and their share has increased significantly," says Mikael Winkwist, CEO of AMT. "Here we are in the same situation as other successful Finnish manufacturers. If in 2007-2008 our export was of the same scale as domestic sales, now it is about 80% of sales.


ATM boats are manufactured in Kontiolahti (North Karelia region) in two modern 4400 sq.m. plants. About 500 fiberglass hulls are produced per year, and the design capacities of the sites allow to produce up to 1600 boats annually. In the production process the company tries to use Finnish materials and equipment as much as possible (in fact, only windshields are imported). For production optimization the company has developed own 3D modeling software product.

Model range

AMT boats are represented by 11 models from 4.5 to 6.9 m long, equipped with outboard motors from Honda partner company. Among them there are bowriders and boats for fishing. The company has serious plans to increase the number of models. «Our goal is to add at least one new model to the lineup every year",»says Mikael Winkwist.


The company managed to find a balance between the cost and quality of its boats. Moreover, the basic equipment of the boats of the shipyard often includes such accessories, which competitors offer the consumer optionally, and for a considerable price. AMT boats strive to make not only stylish and comfortable, but also as safe as possible. For this purpose, a double hull design is used, where the inner hull ensured the survival of the boat, even if the outer one was seriously damaged. The space between these hulls is minimized, giving AMT boats the maximum internal volume.

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