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Russia, Saint Petersburg

ООО "Специальные катера"

Рабочий поселок Металлострой, Дорога на Металлострой, д. 5 лит. "Ж", 196641

Model range of Special boats

The brand Special boats produces rIB Boats and recreational Trawler Boats. There are 4 models from 6 to 13 meters.

About Special boats

History of the company

LLC «Special boats»- a small family shipyard in St. Petersburg, specializing in the design and manufacture of professional speedboats and special RIB type boats. It was formed in 2012 by means of reorganization of the St.-Petersburg family shipyard. «Course Ltd.»- of the famous shipyard headed by Boris Nikolaevich Ershov, a talented Soviet and Russian designer of small vessels. The company's products are in demand in the domestic market, its main customers are various power structures and FSUE Rosmorport«.

Customers are offered boat options both on the platform of existing models and individually designed. Also the shipyard carries out complex equipment and modernization of the boats. The private client can interest such possibilities of shipyard, as manufacture of a boat of any complexity practically from zero or on the basis of a boat of any manufacturer available at the client.

Production .

The production area occupies more than 1000 sq.m., 20 qualified specialists work on it. The shipyard is equipped with modern equipment and seeks to meet strict quality standards. The company has its own model area, as well as a design bureau, which is still headed by Boris Ershov. Inflatable boards for boats is made by the known St.-Petersburg company the «Leader».

Model range

The shipyard's design base is based on 4 RIB platforms 6.7 to 12.1 m long. Among them there are both open light boats and boats of cabin type. Models from the Nautilus a«nd» Kraken series c«an» also be considered as sea off-road vehicles. The boats can be equipped with both outboard and stationary engines, including water cannons. The modular layout principle allows the shipyard to produce up to 7 modifications on the basis of one hull. Functions of the company's RIBs are various: patrolling, security of events, diving and rescue operations, fishing, etc.

Features .

Family shipyard is still a rare phenomenon in the domestic shipbuilding industry. The fact that both Ershov's sons, Roman and Andrey, share his passion for small ships and the search for new design solutions, cannot but make him happy. The company keeps up to date, constantly improving the technical characteristics, design and contours of boats.

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