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Model range of Breedendam

The brand Breedendam produces aluminum Motor Yachts and cabin Cruisers. There are 5 models from 10 to 14 meters.

About Breedendam

Company history

Breedendam Shipyard was founded in 1976 in Lewarden by the honorary Van Burkomov. In 1982 the company pioneered the concept of boats in the style of historic lifeboats. This type was redefined by the shipyard as a luxurious and stylish motorboat. In the 1990s, the company began to develop a new range of boats-tenders called Breedendam MTB. It was based on a British motor torpedo boat from the Second World War. This small maneuverable boat, designed in the 20s, already in the 40s seemed slightly outdated. However, the shipyard, which brought comfort, modern spacious interiors and the latest technology to the old-fashioned hull, managed to make the boat a real hit.

A luxurious model couldn't help but attract attention of retro design lovers.

The boat also impressed the Dutch crown prince, who wished to travel on it during the Amsterdam regatta in 2000.

The year 2017 was marked by a new version of MTB - the flagship model Fourzero by the famous Dutch designer Guido de Groot.

The company aims to provide its customers not only with premium products, but also with impeccable service. Boat owners at the shipyard have access to the Breedendam Owners Club, where they can participate in private events, socialize and exchange experiences.

Production .

Breedendam boats are made entirely by hand, in small quantities. The production site at Leewarden in the north of the Netherlands is an example of Dutch traditions of small shipbuilding.

Model range

«The descendants» of the shipyard's sloops from the 80s are now represented by the Breedendam 20, Breedendam 24 and Breedendam 28. The style of the MTB series boats is quite unique. They can be classified both as luxury tenders and, to a greater extent, as completely self-sufficient boats in the spirit of «gentlemen's boats» - Ranabouts.

Features .

The shipyard works in a very narrow segment, creating retro style boats with the latest technology and modern interiors. The company draws inspiration from the history of shipbuilding, does it very successfully and sometimes sets new trends in the market.

Videos of the builder Breedendam

Video tours of the shipbuilding area at Breedendam shipyard, Open House Day reports, dealer meeting reviews, and other events

Краткий обзор модельного ряда Breedendam

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