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Model range of Grizzly

The brand Grizzly produces aluminum boats and boats with Outboard Engines. There are 31 models from 4 to 10 meters.

About Grizzly

History of the company

The boats under Grizzly brand have been produced in Leningrad region since 2006. The brand grew out of «Aquamarine» - a supplier of marine equipment, which has studied the experience of large foreign companies in this field. It was decided to apply the accumulated knowledge in its own production.

The first aluminium boats were built for fishing.

«When choosing a name, we thought about creating products for fishermen - brave and courageous people. It is known that grizzly bears are excellent fishermen, strong animals, owners of the forest. These associations have also pushed us to the name «Grizzly»," says the company's representative.

Over the years, Grizzly has expanded its target audience, model range and introduced service. This includes delivery of finished boats to customers, maintenance, repair and tuning of boats as well as supply of spare parts for them.


The company withstood the crisis in 2008 and continues to work actively.

Production .

«Grizzly» ships do at the plant in the village of Dubrovka Vsevolozhsky district of the Leningrad region. The company does not hide that they use foreign prototypes of boats and the experience of colleagues from Scandinavia.

«After numerous tests of the most interesting foreign models we select the best ones, take them as a basis, finalize and produce our Grizzly», - specify brand managers.

Model range

Today Grizzly produces not only boats for fishing. The shipyards strive to create boats for different needs and budgets: cruise, pleasure, high-speed. One of the brightest representatives of the shipyard's vessels is multifunctional boat Grizzly 960.

Also the company delivers boats and boats for state services: State inspection on small vessels of the Ministry of Emergency Measures and Rybinspektsii.

Features .

Grizzly boats are lightweight and durable due to the use of welded aluminum bodies. They are made on German EWM equipment. GRP is used for decks and superstructures to follow trends in design.

Company ships pass crash-tests and other tests in extreme conditions.

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