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ООО "УМС Марин"

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Model range

The brand Tuna boats produces aluminum boats and boats with Outboard Engines. There are 18 models from 4 to 9 meters in the current model range from 7 lines: 425, 485, 545, 655, 805, 865 and J-RUN.


Company's history

Ukrainian company UMS Boats is based in 2000 and specialises on manufacture of aluminium boats, boats and boat trailers. The team of the shipyard has set itself ambitious tasks to make in Ukraine and, in general, in the post-Soviet area, to compete with Western models - not only in terms of cost, but also in terms of boat quality. For this purpose, it was necessary not only to improve the quality of materials used, but also to develop an attractive design.

The company has been actively developing foreign markets since 2003: its boats are operated in Russia, Belarus, Scandinavia, Georgia and the Baltic States.

UMS paved the way for sophisticated Nordic customers in 2014 with the Scandinavian «series models,»which are distinguished by their special strength, stability and excellent driving characteristics.

On the basis of these models Tuna trademark was formed, under which the company's products were exported to the European market. In Russia boats of the shipyard are better known under the name UMS. «The company has an extensive dealer network in many regions of the world, and serious emphasis was placed on promoting products in Asia and Africa.

Manufacture .

The firm has been created on the basis of the Kiev ship-building factory, has a full cycle of manufacture, serious own workings out and aspires constantly to improve production. Volumes of manufacture have tendencies to growth. By efforts of experts UMS of the case of boats get complex and effective contours and all-welded design from easy and strong special aluminium-magnesium alloy (sea«aluminium)» that does their reliable and unpretentious in operation. Non-flammability of boats is provided by filling of interhull space with special polyurethane foam. On many models clients have a possibility to choose a variant of furnish of a cockpit: aluminium, fibreglass plastic or combined.

Model range

The shipyard produces aluminium boats from 4.2 to 8.7 m in length mainly with outboard engine, among which there are models of bowriders, junboats and cabin boats. The boats are designed for fishing (including sports), hunting and outdoor activities. Special boats for various services are also in serious demand.


For today UMS Boats is, perhaps, unique in Ukraine the serial manufacturer of aluminium boats and boats.

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