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Model range of Aerotrade

The brand Aerotrade produces rIB Boats. There are 8 models from 5 to 7 meters.

About Aerotrade

History of the company

Once paragliders from Irkutsk tried to attach a paramotor installation (motor + screw) to an ordinary rubber boat, having protected its bottom with an improvised shield from plastic tanks. This was in 2003. In two years, home-grown experiments on the creation of an airship grew into serious research and resulted in the launch of the production plant Aerotrade .

The next step was the construction of the Irkutsk Aerosubmarine Plant, the only specialized enterprise in Russia that produced more than 1,500 aircraft of various capacities and comfort levels.

These boats are capable of navigating on water, ice, snow, swamp and land, they are not afraid of shallow or silted water, or even mountain and taiga rivers with their rapids.


It's working.

Production .

The factory is located in Irkutsk, and it's a good place to test every boat in harsh Siberian conditions. However, the tests are carried out in different climates: the manufacturers are responsible for the reliability and endurance of their products, delivered throughout Russia and the CIS countries. The customer receives a passport of the boat and the power plant, as well as, if desired, copies of certificates of conformity, patents and certificate of registration of the trade mark. Besides, the owner of aeroboats from Aerotrade«is» provided with warranty and post-warranty service. Japanese motors Subaru and Toyota with capacity from 50 to 320 hp are used for paramotor installations, modified to take into account their use on the boat.

Model range

In a lineup of enterprises Aerotrade «»three series of the aircrafts concerning RIB boats with inflatable boards or self-propelled pontoons: Inokhodets,« Aquilon»«and the most» popular - Piranha. The capacity of these boats is from four to nine people, speed from 50 to 180 km/h.


The inflatable frame of the vessel is light and frost-resistant material, the bottom is covered with reinforced scales. The technology is patented and the manufacturer warns against buying a fake. Authenticity is easy to verify by requesting the appropriate documents, which you will be sure to provide when ordering at the factory.

Interior of boats of series «Piranha» is completed at will of the customer. In Aquilona«,»designed for severe climatic conditions, a covered cozy cabin with heated seats and front and rear view cameras is installed by default. And the workhorse «is» ready to take on board not too big in size, but heavy loads (twice its own weight). In summer it can be equipped with an awning to protect against wind and rain or a warm cabin in winter, and also to arrange from 5 to 10 seats.

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