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ООО «Беркут-Марин»

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Model range of Berkut

The brand Berkut produces aluminum boats and boats with Outboard Engines. There are 20 models from 3 to 7 meters in the current model range from 5 lines: Active, L-Series, M-Series, S-Series and Special.

About Berkut

History of the company

Company . «Ercut-Marine» has been building aluminium boats since 2009. The shipyard was founded inSaint Petersburg- cradle of the domestic shipbuilding industry. For almost ten years of history the enterprise has had time to design more than 100 models for a batch production.

The company's boats are a great success both in Russia and abroad, making a worthy competition to foreign counterparts. Besides the high quality, the products of«Ercut-Marine» attract the price, so the export volumes are gradually increasing.

The implementation is carried out through an extensive network of dealers. There are more than 60 shops in Russia, not counting authorized service centers.


These days the enterprise continues work and improves the skills in shipbuilding, introducing new technologies and tracing modern tendencies.

Production .

The «Berkut-Marine» production facilities are located in the Leningrad region. Modern aluminum alloy AMG5 is used for the manufacture of cases. At a choice of the client boats in a complete set with the engine or without it are offered. Also at factory sewing of awnings, covers, a linkage of seats and manufacturing of seats on any water transport is carried out.

A lineup

It won't be difficult to understand the model range of the shipyard. The manufacturer has tried to simplify the choice for the customer by grouping the boats into series depending on the size - S, M, L and XXL. A separate mansion is the new Active range, which includes boats with hermetic hollow spaces in the hull for increased buoyancy.

Shipyard Berkut produces aluminum boats with outboard engine for fishing and recreation, also in the model range there are boats with hardtop and bowriders.


The introduction of sanctions against Russia in 2014 imposed restrictions on the supply of parts from abroad. Until then, the Berkut shipyard had ordered some plastic elements for the hull from foreign companies. The engineers quickly made a number of design changes and replaced the parts with aluminum counterparts. The result was an even stronger and more reliable boat.

Videos of the builder Berkut

Video tours of the shipbuilding area at Berkut shipyard, Open House Day reports, dealer meeting reviews, and other events

Первый международный форум дилеров и партнеров компании Беркут-Марин

Berkut моторные лодки и катера 29.08.2019
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