BuilderPacifico Yachts

Russia, Vladivostok

ООО «Композитное кораблестроение»

ул. Алеутская, д. 11, офис 500, 690090

Model range of Pacifico Yachts

The brand Pacifico Yachts produces cruising Power Catamarans. There are 2 models from 9 to 12 meters.

About Pacifico Yachts

Company history

In the early 2000s, a united team of enthusiasts decided to build a boat for themselves, which later served as an impetus for the creation of a new shipbuilding enterprise - the Shipyard. «Composite shipbuilding» and the foundation of the Pacifico Yachts brand.

Today the shipyard specialises on manufacturing of catamarans and boats from a special purpose carbon fiber, for passenger fleet, the fish industry and private sector. Albatross Marine Design studio, located in Thailand and owned by Russian Albert Nazarov, works over the design of boats.

The shipyard's management pays special attention to the qualification of employees who are trained at the leading shipbuilding enterprises of the world.


The shipyard's head office and production facilities are located in Vladivostok. There are several assembly hangars at the shipyard, which allows to conduct several projects simultaneously. Initially the basic material for construction was fiberglass plastic, but in 2016 the enterprise has carried out modernization of the production line and switched to carbon fiber.

Thanks to the use of modern materials, the shipyard has been able to switch to more complex tasks, to increase the strength of structures and to improve seaworthiness.

Model range

Since 2017 the enterprise has started a batch production. The boats are available in lengths from 7 to 20 meters for the private sector. Among them there are outboard fishing boats with outboard engine, reminiscent of the Scandinavian style through the installed trawler cabin. There are also sailing and motor cruise catamarans for comfortable rest on the water.

Features .

The Pacifico Yachts shipyard keeps up with the times: the vacuum infusion method is widely used in construction. Today, this technology is mainly found in the space industry and is used to produce Formula 1 bolides and professional racing yachts.

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