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Amer Yachts Model Range

The brand Amer Yachts produces motor Superyachts and raised Pilothouse. There are 4 models from 28 to 30 meters.

About Amer Yachts

Company history

The Italian Amer Yachts brand dates back to 1973. Its founder, Fernando Amerio, had a great passion for the sea, which led to the creation of the Permare Group. Initially the company was engaged in maintenance, but a little later it opened its own production and by the 80s it was producing approximately 5 yachts per year. Today, in addition to the shipbuilding industry, the company provides services for the maintenance, storage and sale of boats.

Production .

The company's production facilities are located at three sites - Sanremo Ship in Portosol, Cantieri del Ponente in Empire and the new Cantieri del Mediterraneo shipyard in Bussana Vecchia, San Remo.

Amer Yachts produces boats from 86 to 136 feet. About 90 hulls have been removed from the slipways of the shipyard. The company does not aim at large scale production, but focuses its efforts on adapting projects to the owner's tastes. This philosophy attracts customers' attention and contributes to the company's development.

The shipyard monitors all innovations in the industry and introduces them into production processes. This is confirmed by awards of prestigious exhibitions. In 2018 Amer Yachts won the Boat Builder Awards in two categories: «Process Innovation and»« Environmental Initiative.

Model range

The modern Amer range was formed in the 2000s and now includes 4 models. These are gliding yachts with a flybridge, featuring the size of a flybridge combined with a spacious sundeck, and motor superyachts (Amer 136).

The boats are designed by a longstanding partner of the shipyard, the world-renowned Verme Projects studio, which also works with the Azimut Yachts, Benetti, Ferretti Group, Wally and Palmer Johnson brands.


The Amer Yachts shipyard is committed to reducing the environmental impact of exhaust emissions. Specialists carefully select engines that provide boats with high speeds and minimal fuel consumption. In the future, the company intends to introduce electric propulsion systems and is already doing research in this area.

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