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Model range of Yarkat

The brand Yarkat produces racing Multihulls. There are 1 model 4.5 meters.

About Yarkat

The history of the company

Founded in 2014 in Yaroslavl, Yarkat shipbuilding company« specializes» in the production and sale of sailing multihulls made of PVC. For almost five years of work the shipyard has managed to produce several dozens of catamarans.

As they say, small, but remote - these boats can be a good start for acquaintance with yachting, and also suitable for lovers of hunting and fishing. The catamarans of the shipyard fit into three bags in disassembled condition and can be transported in any car. Average weight depending on a complete set is about 60 kg, therefore necessity of registration of a vessel is removed from the owner.

On-site assembly takes only 30 minutes and does not require professional skills, special keys and equipment.

The transom can be equipped with up to 3 horsepower.

The company has already managed to make a name for itself in the European part of Russia. Inflatable sailing catamarans are now conquering water expanses near Volgograd, Nizhny Novgorod, Saint-PetersburgThe catamaran can reach 6.5 knots in Moscow, Krasnodar region, Crimea and CIS countries.


The company is active at the time of writing the article in 2019.


The company is located in a small production area not far from the city centre. At construction of multihulls high-quality Russian and import materials are used.

Model range

The «Yarkat» range consists of one sailing catamaran 4.5 meters long. Despite its size, the boat has a load capacity of 360 kg and can accommodate up to 4 adults. The maximum speed with the engine at 50% load is about 8 knots. Under sail at 5 m/s wind speed the catamaran can reach 6.5 knots.


The simple and reliable design of the Yarkat «»allows very quickly to get used to the control of the catamaran. In a basic complete set the price of a new boat makes less than 250 thousand roubles, it speaks that yachting actually not such expensive pleasure as it seems at first sight.

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