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Model range of К-24 Boats

The brand К-24 Boats produces cuddy Cabin Boats. There are 1 model 7.7 meters.

About К-24 Boats

The history of the company

A small Finnish shipyard K-24designed and built by designer and shipbuilder Carl Krauze, became famous for the eponymous boat model released in 2013. The press and buyers were attracted by a discreet but spectacular Scandinavian reading of the concept of a small premium-class boat.


The shipyard works.


K-24 boats are entirely manufactured in Finland.

Model range

The shipyard's portfolio so far includes only one model - the K-24, a hardtop boat with a semi-closed saloon 7.6 meters long. The hull is made of glass fibre, the deck is covered with teak and the interior is finished with oak. The stationary engine with an output of 220-260 hp provides the vessel with the speed up to 38 knots. The walkaround deck is flat on the whole surface and allows to move around easily. Roomy lockers for storage and a spacious cockpit allow for an overnight stay on board.

«K-24 was born out of dreams, experience and passion!»The creator of the boat proudly declares.


«The highlight of the» K-24 is the design of the cabin, which in case of bad weather is easily closed by a dense awning, located in the visor of the windshield, and also opens quickly in good weather. Instead of scattering the instruments, a large touch-screen display has been installed in place of the steering wheel to provide all the information the boatman needs.

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