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Model range of NorthSilver

The brand NorthSilver produces aluminum boats and boats with Outboard Engines. There are 34 models from 4 to 15 meters in the current model range from 6 lines: Expedition, Fish, Fish Premium, Fish Sport, PRO and Universal.

About NorthSilver

Company history

NorthSilver started in 2001 as a Russian dealer of the Finnish aluminium boat brand Silver. The initial task of the company was to import and some retrofitting of the boats on site. However, with a strong manufacturing base in the surrounding area. St. Petersburg, the dealer company decided to organize a full production of boats in Russia. Having bought a production license, NorthSilver launched the process and in 2003 produced the first model of Hawk 520DC. Over the next few years the NorthSilver team has mastered and produced about 20 different models. In 2009 the NorthSilverPRO range was launched - boats 5-15 m long. Since February 2016 the company produces all boats only under the brands NorthSilver and NorthSilverPRO.

Model range

The company's model range includes several lines and a total of more than 40 different models. In the collection of aluminum expedition boats NorthSilver PRO from 5 to 14.5 meters customers are offered various modifications of high-speed small vessels: open and with closed cabin. GRP boats NorthSilver and NorthSilver Star Cabin also combine models with open and closed cockpit from 5 to 7.3 m. Combined hull boats (outer hull is made of aluminum, inner tab is fiberglass) have a range of 4.5 to 7.30 meters.

Brand Features

NorthSilver boats have good speed, all-weather, ruggedness and versatility. They are suitable for fishing, hunting or cruising in water areas with unstable weather. The interior decoration looks ascetic and has a high level of equipment even in the base. The low draft allows the boats to be used almost everywhere.


At present, the company employs about 200 people. Production capacity allows NorthSilver to produce up to 2000 boats per year. The company also owns a salon for sale of water equipment, which at the time of construction was one of the largest in Europe. The total area of this complex is over 3000 m².

Out of production yachts and powerboats NorthSilver

Videos of the builder NorthSilver

Video tours of the shipbuilding area at NorthSilver shipyard, Open House Day reports, dealer meeting reviews, and other events

Сделано в РФ

Фрагмент передачи "Утро на пять " 5 канала, рубрика "Сделано в РФ" о заводе и продукции компании NorthSilver (Санкт-Петербург)
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