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Founded in 1993, the Burevestnik Group has for over 20 years combined companies with a single focus on boats, yachts and lifestyle - everything that a yacht owner might be interested in.

The Burevestnik Group is part of: AG Marine, a trading company engaged in the distribution of boats and yachts, the oldest yacht club in Russia, Burevestnik «Yacht Club, Yacht»Club City«,»«Moscow River Imperial Yacht Club,»located just 2 km from the Red Square, Imperial «Sea Yacht Club of St. Petersburg, the largest and»most modern sea yacht club in Russia.port of Russia Sochi Grand Marina, yacht club in Big Zavidovo, restaurants Burevestnik«,»City «Yacht Bar,»service Marine «engineers,»transport company Logistics «Department Burevestnik Group, tuning»studio Sound Storm, Heliport Burevestnik, Yachting magazine.

Burevestnik Group has offices in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Sochi and Tivat (Montenegro). The company's brand portfolio includes the world's leading manufacturers of boats and yachts: Numarine, Overmarine Group|Mangusta, Chris-Craſt, Crownline, Cobalt, MasterСraſt, Malibu, Axis, Cigarette, etc.

Email: [email protected], [email protected]


Representative offices of Burevestnik Group:

Southwest Petrel

Russia, Krasnodar Region, Sochi, Voykova St. 1, Sochi Grand Marina

+7 (862) 260 98 80, +7 (918) 001 05 64,

[email protected] | [email protected]

Burevestnik North-West

Russia, Saint-Petersburg, 92 Martynova nab.

+7 (812) 640 24 23, +7 (981) 910 75 82,

[email protected]

Burevestnik Montenegro

Town quay office No6, Porto Montenegro, Obala bb, 85320 Tivat Montenegro

+382 69 951 870

[email protected]

Burevestnik Group Ferretti Yachts
Russia, Moscow
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