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КБ "Спортивные технологии"

п.г.т. Новосемейкино, ул. Солнечная, д. 1, 443124

Aqua Terra Model Range

The brand Aqua Terra produces aluminum boats and boats with Outboard Engines. There are 39 models from 2 to 11 meters.

About Aqua Terra

History of the company

«Sports Technologies» Design Bureau has been working in the domestic market for over 45 years. The company is engaged in construction of boats under the brand name «Aqua Terra». The company owns the development of transverse redanning, which allows to reduce fuel consumption and increases the productivity of the boat.

The enterprise produces small size boats for the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Emergency Situations, Fisheries Protection and other agencies. Also production of the shipyard is in demand in the private market. «Aqua Terra» is a member of the Federation of Water Motor Sports and takes an active part in the organization of competitions.


The shipyard is active at the time of writing in 2019.

Production .

The factory of the Sport«Technology» Design Bureau is 25 kilometers from Saratov. At the shipyard, in addition to the construction of new boats are repairing aluminum and fiberglass boats of any manufacturer.

Model range

The shipyard is represented by a fairly large range of aluminium boats and lightweight GRP boats from 2 to 11 meters in length. Most models are delivered with outboard motors, although the latest projects of Aqua «Terra» shipyard include boats with fixed installation.

The company also produces RIBs - boats with inflatable sides, boats for fishing and hunting, Bay or Flats Boats, bowriders, SUVs with trawler cabin and cabin boats with closed salon.

Together with the production boats, the shipyard offers its customers custom-designed boats, where the customer can determine the type of vessel, its size, capacity and other technical parameters, including interior and exterior design.

Features .

Years of experience in shipbuilding allow the company to offer reliable, safe and productive boats. The important point at a choice is the price. The cost of new boats is much lower than similar models of foreign manufacturers, even if compared with the market used.

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