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ООО "Феррумленд"

г. Ломоносов, Транспортный переулок, д. 9, 198412

Model range of Trident

The brand Trident produces aluminum boats and boats with Outboard Engines. There are 22 models from 4 to 28 meters in the current model range from 5 lines: Cabin, Console, Piton, Special and Tiller.

About Trident

History of the company

At the beginning of 2005 a new domestic aluminium boat builder Trident Boats entered the market. During almost fifteen years of its history, the company has gone from a small factory to a large enterprise with an extensive dealer network throughout Russia.

At first the company focused on building small boats up to 6 metres, but with the ever increasing popularity the Trident shipyard's range was expanded to include models up to 12 metres. Today the enterprise is engaged in manufacture of boats for private sector, scientific purposes, power structures and the Ministry of Emergency Measures.


The shipyard continues its work and annually takes part in Russian exhibitions.


The shipyard is located on the shore of the Gulf of Finland in the small town of Lomonosov under the name of Lomonosov. St. Petersburg. The plant is equipped with modern equipment and meets international standards. Boat testing is carried out in the own pool certified by FSUE VNIIM «named after D.I. Mendeleyev.

Model range

The range includes aluminum boats from 4 to 12 meters in length, which are divided into six lines. Trident company mainly produces boats with outboard engine. There are models for fishing, bowriders, cockpit boats with closed and semi-closed interior, SUVs with trawler cabin, walkaround boats and RIBs. All models have ascetic design and are aimed at functionality, there is no place for expensive upholstery and luxurious elements of decor.

Features .

At the Trident factory, all work is done without contractors, even the tents and seat upholstery are sewn in our own sewing room. The boats of the shipyard are appreciated for their reliability: all the boats meet Russian standards and some are even certified by Germanischer lloyd.

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