ООО "Эволюшн Моторс "

Московская обл., Раменский р-н, п. Родники, ул Трудовая, д. 10, 140143

Model range of Evomotors

The brand Evomotors produces cuddy Cabin Boats and jet Boats. There are 2 models from 7 to 8 meters.

About Evomotors

Company history

Having spent many years travelling on Russian lakes, rivers and canals, the future founders of Evomotors decided to create their own boat. So the first Sirius project was born, and in 2012 - a new domestic shipyard. The company's boats are not inferior to their European counterparts in terms of design, and modern technologies introduced into production from the first days ensure reliability and high quality of products.


It's working.

Production .

Evomotors Shipyard in Moscow region carries out a full cycle of works, from the first sketches to the construction. The company's specialists supervise every stage of production, and strong relationships are established with proven suppliers, which further increases confidence in Sirius boats.

Model range

The company manufactures pleasure boats with GRP caddy cabins. As an engine, the manufacturer offers a choice of a stationary motor with a column or a water cannon unit.

Features .

Evomotors manufactures the hull by vacuum infusion to ensure durability. At the same time boats remain much cheaper than their foreign counterparts even in full configuration.

The price of the boat can also be made even more attractive if you order a boat for self-assembly. In this case, the company guarantees full remote support, and if necessary, can send an engineer to solve problems. The shipyard claims that two people with experience can assemble their boat in one month, working only on weekends.

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