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Pirk 22, Magdalensberg Austria, 9064

Silent Yachts Model Range

The shipyard Silent Yachts builds cruising power catamarans and hybrid motor yachts. In the company's model range - 4 models of length from 16 to 25 m.

About Silent Yachts

The history of the company

Michael Köhler and his wife Heike have done a tremendous job. The founders of Silent Yachts have been sailing the oceans on sailboats and motorboats for over 20 years. From 2005 to 2009, the pair tested alternative energy sources on their yachts and the result was the construction of catamaran Solarwave 46.

The multihull has become the first ocean-class vessel powered by solar panels with 24-hour operation not only of the engines, but also of all systems including the oven, air conditioning and heater.

For the next five years, Michael has traveled and tested Solarwave 46 in a variety of conditions in the Mediterranean, Black Sea, Aegean Sea and European channels. The boat and equipment proved to be the best.

The next step was the opening of the shipyard, which made a real revolution in shipbuilding.


It's working.


The company does not yet have its own production facilities, but no matter where the boat is built, all materials and components are supplied by well-known partners - Miele, Bosch, Kohler, Gianneschi, Haeffele, etc. Each project is supervised by a team of experts who are personally present at the shipyards of the contractors, which ensures high quality.

Model range

The range is represented by motor cruise catamarans with lengths from 13.4 to 25 meters. Optionally any multihull can be equipped with an optional sail and/or hybrid engine.


Silent Yachts catamarans are equipped with advanced green technology. In addition to economical equipment, the boat can be equipped with a kite (alternative to sail), which will create additional thrust.

Practice shows that electric motors help to save not only on fuel but also on maintenance and repair due to high reliability. For all the advantages, the cost of Silent boats is comparable to «classmates» with traditional engines.

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