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ООО "Севербоат"

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Model range of Sever

The brand Sever produces hovercrafts. There are 13 models from 6 to 10 meters.

About Sever

Company history

An avid hunter and fisherman Andrey Parshiny once wanted to build a boat that would meet his high requirements. He assembled a small team of like-minded people and opened a small production facility in 2014. At first they built hovercrafts only for friends. It took 3-4 months for each boat. High quality and feedback from friends proved to be a great advertisement, after a year production capacity increased five times.


Today the company continues to work, and the range of models has been expanded by all-terrain vehicles as well.

Production .

Over the period of operation the production premises from one shop to 200 sq.m. have grown to a full-scale plant with the area of 12 000 sq.m. in Krasnoyarsk. The quality is ensured by modern technologies, including a high-precision CNC machine.

Model range

The «North» builds hovercrafts for the private market, law enforcement agencies and the Ministry of Emergency Situations. The shipyard's equipment is unpretentious and reliable, and some models, along with their cross-country ability, impress with their speed characteristics and are capable of speeds up to 95 knots.

Features .

The shipyard is constantly introducing new technologies and testing more advanced materials. German and American fabrics, Italian aluminum and equipment from world famous manufacturers are used in production. The boats of the company are operated in severe conditions, often many kilometers away from settlements, therefore they are highly resilient and easy to maintain.

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