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Model range of Sealine

The brand Sealine produces boats with Outboard Engines and enclosed Yachts with Hardtop. There are 12 models from 10 to 17 meters in the current model range from 4 lines: Cruiser series, Flybridge series, Outboard v series and Sport series.

About Sealine

Company history

The history of the British shipyard Sealine began with the desire of an avid yachtsman Tom Murrant to buy a small cruiser. As it happens, the attempt was unsuccessful and, being an aviation engineer, Tom designed the boat of his dreams himself. The barter project (details per project) was to be undertaken by Midland Marine, but the drawings were postponed for later. However, three employees of the shipyard paid attention to the project and offered their help. The 23 Continental was so impressed that Murrant took a loan and established Fibrasonic in 1972.

But not everything was going so smoothly, the next year the oil crisis was looming, and VAT rose by 25%. The young company had to interrupt orders not related to shipbuilding for almost 10 years, and only in 1978 the shipyard returned to boats. By the mid 80's, the shipyard had finally achieved wide success and changed its name from Fibrasonic to Sealine, and in the 90's it entered the American market.

Status .

From 1998 to 2014, the company changed its owners several times. During the crisis years of 2007-2009, the shipyard was severely damaged, and in 2013 it almost went bankrupt. The situation was saved by the German Hanse Group, which bought the brand, projects, forms and equipment. Today the company continues its work.

Production .

After the purchase of Sealine, production was completely transferred to the Hanse Group facilities in Greifswald, Germany. Other brands including Dehler, Moody, Fjord, etc. are also assembled in the modern facility.

Model range

The range includes about ten boats from 10 to 16 meters in length, divided into three series. The Cruiser range consists of enclosed cruising yachts with hardtops, while the Flybridge range consists of gliding flybridge boats. The Sport line is the smallest of its kind and includes cockpit cruise boats.


Sealine models have always had well planned interior spaces and luxurious interiors. The shipyard has also received numerous awards at leading yacht shows.

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